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Do Vätternrundan

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Peter JohanssonUntitled

Won’t be riding the race this year, but hopefully next… 7 years ago

limecrushNot yet...

Not likely to happen in 2006… to late to register… but mainly because of lack of joining friends… I can’t see myself riding around the lake alone. And as a lot of training is required, not all friends were able to commit to the training. But well, there is always 200x… :) 8 years ago

limecrushWhy not?

Cycling for 300km around a lake in Sweden… why not! :)
I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, so it’s time to step up and just do it. It will be though, but it’s defenitly doable! Now to find people who are crazy enough to join me! :) 8 years ago


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