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I’ am going on 3 weeks of working out no less than 4 times a week and controlling what I eat. 10 months ago


Run 10 miles 4-21 week 12 months ago

scotchwalkerRunning Ten Miles...

I was never all that fit, infact I was a total gaming potato who one day decided enough was enough. Back in February I started running and I was terrible but I found a few little things that helped me along the way and through these I was able to gradually push up my running distance each time Until I managed to tackle a full half Marathon myself.

1. Out of Breath? Thats cool.. run for a minute and then walk for a minute. Alternate for 15 minutes and then on the next run, try running for two minutes and walking for one minute.. so on and so forth. It’s called Interval Training, give it a google. :)

2. Pick out a place close by with a nice view that you think you can run towards and go there. When you reach your destination reward yourself the view at hand, be it the top of a hill over looking the city, or a cool still lake. You’ll feel like you really earned it and it’ll give you a little mood boost for the jog back.

3. forget about the numbers. Keep your eyes away from your watch and your mind off the miles. Just listen to your body and let your mind wander away. If your lucky you’ll even hit that magic little zone where nothing matters to the point where you almost forget you’re even running. 20 months ago


ran 6,5miles! getting there 22 months ago

Jonathan GartlandGonna try the 10miles next week!

Been running 5-6 miles 3 times a week so I think it’s time to try more. If I run to the beach from my house I can celebrate with Ice-cream when I finish!!! 23 months ago

user12809Start with Couch to 5k app... Get Running

Used iphone app ” Get Running” to get started, then gradually increased mileage to 10 miles! Started with zero running stamina and experience in May. I ran a half marathon in December, and another one in March, improved my time by 15 minutes! Useful book by Alberto Salazar Guide to running. 1 year ago


I did this a while ago, but I just remembered this site. Basically, you just need to run a lot and build up enough stamina and strength. Also, people are not lying when they say running is 90% mental. I use running as a time to “get away” and think things over, so it’s become pretty easy for me. I love to run now. =] 2 years ago


Some time last year, I ran a 20k. That’s over 10 miles, so I’ll mark this done. 2 years ago

zoeshann11Run 10 miles

i want to be able to run 10 miles 2 years ago

PasadenaSueTrain for a Marathon...

Running is 90% mental. You have to use your mind to push your body to achieve longer distances. I prefer to run with people as I enjoy the company. When I run by myself, I listen to music to keep my mind from wandering (my knee hurts, I’m tired, it’s hot, I want to turn around). 10 miles is a challenge but once you have run that far, you want to run further. 2 years ago

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