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Thyself25I've been gone, now I'm back...

So what should I do in the one of the greatest city’s in the world??!!! 5 years ago

yummynekogurlBeing A Native Tourist in NY

Normally my fellow NYers dislike people who are blatantly touristy, but I bit the bullet and got out my camera and fanny pack!

Accomplished so far:
-Went to Ellis Island
-Went to the Observatory Deck of the Empire State Building
-Went to MOMA, AMNH, Brooklyn Museum, The Frick, Cooper-Hewitt, Whitney, main NYPL around Bryant Park, Guggi and the Met.
-Went to the Halloween day parade
-Found the fountain in the middle of Central Park
-Went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
-Went to the Bronx Zoo
-Saw Phantom of the Opera

I have yet to:
-See the Statue of Liberty
-Be in Times Sq. for New Years
-See an old classic film at Bryant Park in the Summer
-See Ave. Q, Spamalot
-Go to the M&Ms store 5 years ago

2SAnother link to Margaret Garner Blog post on Vox..

http://serenitylife.vox.com/library/post/margaret-garner—-opera-true-story-of-slave-woman-who-killed-her-child.html 6 years ago

2SNYC Opera - Margaret Garner

Attended my second Opera of my life last night to see Margaret Garner. The story is of a slave who kills her children so they will not grow up in slavery.


Check out my blog entry on it if interested in the links about it:

New link: I hope this helps:

http://serenitylife.vox.com/library/post/margaret-garner—-opera-true-story-of-slave-woman-who-killed-her-child.html 6 years ago

2SGood week..

Great thing about NYC.

I went to the African Film Festival on Thursday supporting a friend and his movie which is called Death of 2 Sons.

Check it out: www.deathoftwosons.com

Also, I went to see the movie, Perfect Stranger. My friend is Halle Berry’s body part double. We were MAD because she was not credited in the film but she did get a CHECK from the movie.

I also was in Harlem for Bible study. So, this was a good and productive week! 7 years ago


Went to a new Church today for Palm Sunday. Wonderful! I think I FINALLY found a church home!

Had a wonderful meal at Isabella’s and then checked out the Flea Market! 7 years ago

Lisa1.5 weeks to go

-Did cool Soho shopping
-Saw Jersey boys
-Had delicious pink berry
-Union Square holiday market
-fifth avenue christmas window shopping 7 years ago

Lisa3.5 weeks to go!

This week: saw les mis (tuesday)

Add to the to do list: seen the 5th avenue christmas display windows
Removed from to do: coney island (its better in the summer) 7 years ago

Lisathis weekend

This weekend I saw Hairspray, the tree at the Rock (during the day and again during the night), went to a Knicks game (vs toronto!) and tried the Pink Berry’s Pink Berry (its a smoothie). i went to central park to run, only bad news: bum hip is still bum. aboo. 7 years ago

LisaThings still to do

-Times Square at New Years
-Explore more Brooklyn (Prospect Park, Williamsburg)
-Explore Coney Island
-See: Hairspray, Les Mis, and A Chorus Line
-Eat more pink berry! (3 more times before I leave)
-Shop Soho, Tribeca and actually buy something!
-Find a good deal in Chinatown
-Discover the village
-Take the Staten Island Ferry once more
-Run in Central Park every weekend
-Eat spaghetti in Little Italy
-See the Union Square Farmers Market 7 years ago

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