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I have been winding/unwinding this the past couple days but I finally got it looking like I want. Now to add finishing touches… 2 months ago

thegrayareaIn search of feathers.

No doubt I will come across them in my walks. In the meantime, I think I have enough supplies in my stash to get me started without having to buy anything new: branches, assorted embroidery floss, beads, & sequins. 2 months ago

x_lau_xI'm giving up on this goal

Got this beautiful dreamcatcher from my parents :)! I don’t think I’ll make one myself anymore. 14 months ago

thankyoujackdaniels7Finally did it!

I’ve always loved dreamcatchers, & I’ve always wanted to make one. Today I had some free time, so I went to Michaels & bought the stuff to make one! It was a little time-consuming, but actually pretty easy! Very fun & I hope it will do its job :) 22 months ago

misaeestep 2

you can do it in this way :
http://www.nativetech.org/dreamcat/dreminst.html 2 years ago


today i bought everything i need for it :D

and i need just a branch :D 2 years ago


bought the material needed and started this. almost done… :D i’ll post pictures when I’m finished!

me and mittens decided to go to hobby lobby for more stuffs!
i’m adding more hoops to my dream catcher (it will be done tomorrow night)
and i’m making a big earring dreamcatcher :D
he said he’s making me a belt so who knows ;) 2 years ago

x_lau_xRibbon =]… finally!!

I finally found ribbon to start making a dreamcatcher :D! I have it for a while now.. I just didn’t have time to post a entry about it yet ;).

I still miss one thing though.. * sigh *.. beads xD.. Well anyway.. I have the ribbon :D!! and maybe I still have some beads over here somewhere ;). 3 years ago

x_lau_xAnd again..

No(t the right) ribbon =(.. I went to the city yesterday.. I was sure there would be market yesterday.. so that I could buy the ribbon I wanted.. But the market stall I looked for wasn’t there =(.. Such a shame.. I still can’t start making my dreamcatcher =(. 3 years ago

x_lau_xNot the right ribbon

I went to the shops today.. They did have some ribbon and beads.. but unfortunately not the right one =(.. so it will take a bit longer before I can make my dreamcatcher ;) 3 years ago

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