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ScreamingMonkeyA night at the Wrocław Opera House

Tonight I went to see Georges Bizet’s “Carmen”—my first time at the opera. I loved it so much I’ll be going back again on Tuesday! 4 years ago


So, we were supposed to go to the Opera yesterday and my son got very sick so we weren’t able to go see Roberto Devereaux. I think the next one coming up is La Boheme, so I’ll have to see if I can get tix for that. 5 years ago


Bought tix to go see Roberto Devereaux at the Dallas Opera house this Sunday. Very excited!! 5 years ago


I’ve always wanted to see an opera. 5 years ago

SuZyQ1980I have always wanted to do this.

I have been to a few plays but never an opera 6 years ago

aborealis773A night at the opera

The singers and the music were sublime. I have never heard such beautiful, pure voices. But opera seems to have gotten pretty casual these days, or maybe it’s just in mellow Southern Cal. About half the crowd were casually dressed, some people even in jeans, though they were younger. And of course, everything was in Italian, so if you wanted to know what was going on, you had to read the subtitles above the stage. The result was this back and forth motion of your head, and you would miss some of Puccini’s slapstick comedy.

But all in all, it was very enjoyable, and I would go again. 6 years ago

aborealis773La Boheme

The date’s set. I’ll be going to my first opera on Thursday, November 1! 6 years ago

ZoeI went last night...

There was an A level drama trip (I don’t actually do drama but they had a spare ticket) to “The Beggars Opera”... It was alright but the singing got a bit too much by the end of it. And I was really tired which didnt help. 7 years ago


Saw La Boehme at City Opera in NY and loved it. 7 years ago

cranberrygoddessPearl Fishers

I saw the pearl fishers by bizet. It didn’t have full costumes, and I must admit I preferred the choir to the solos, but I really loved it nonetheless. When I hear those few signature bars of the theme I just swoon lol. 7 years ago

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