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fight the urge to run when things get difficult

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NannaYou can only run for so long, before you tire of it.

The urge to run away has always been within me. It speaks to me every single day, trying to persuade me to run for the hills, leave everything behind and start all over again.
I’ve barely turned twenty and already, I’ve done this far too often. I just can’t seem to find my shelf in this world, the place that is for me. I don’t know where I belong and my life scares me. So I run. Learning to be happy and unashamed of my entire being has proven to be the greatest task given to me.
I just hope I’ll stop fleeing from everything that scares me. Accepting life and all the obstacles it lay in front of me is something I have to learn how to do, ‘cause I’m too out of breath to run any more. 3 years ago


This has always been a tough one for me. I have anxiety issues and trust issues. So running has always seemed like the best option. But this time I didn’t run, even though I really felt I had to. I thought he didn’t love me anymore, so I thought that running away from the relationship would help make that pain go away. I withdrew from him and gaurded myself. But I stayed. And now I am so happy I did. :) 5 years ago

catattackI haven't completely mastered this...

but I’m better at it, thanks in large part to a partner who is understanding and forgiving. 6 years ago


It’s temptations that make things become difficult. Indeed I don’t lack the necessary courage to handle stuff or solve the problems myself. But the inward needs of finding a right balance is the thing I need to fight. 6 years ago

AlexandrineWhen I catch myself

...I can keep myself from running away:) 6 years ago

milkbox 2.0!a.k.a.

This is also sometimes called Being Brave, Stubborn and a Little Bit Crazy. 6 years ago

AlexandrineThe secret to winning is to challenge myself

“Every time I fight the urge to run, it diminishes the fear a little bit. It never really cancels the fear of losing; I just have to keep challenging it.” 7 years ago

AlexandrineFight back

Fight back and ask myself the famous ’’What if’’ question! 7 years ago


I’m so good at leaving… so good. But I haven’t really run from anything lately… I’m doing well… 7 years ago

lemonyellowReady to Run

I have always been a runner. I can’t count all the times I have run away. It almost comforting to know that there are other people out there who have done the same thing. One thing I have learned is that a change of location won’t change who you are. 7 years ago

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