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stop pulling my hair

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qglasOne hour

Working on a single hour. If I can get that, I’ll try for one day. 4 days ago

qglasStill struggling

Going through a pretty serious bad patch with this. I think I need to start posting here more regularly just because the accountability helps. 6 days ago

qglasBack and forth

I gain progress, I lose it. I do really well, it all unravels. It gets so discouraging. Back to trying for one day tomorrow. I’d really like to get this under control before it becomes noticeable again.

So far the biggest problem area is work. I have the worst lapses at work. Not sure whether it’s boredom or stress or just associating time & place with pulling or what. I think I need something to keep my hands busy in all the downtime in that middle stretch of the shift where I’m just staring at cameras. Not sure what, though—I’ve tried the spinner rings, finger exercises, worry beads/stones, and more involved stuff like crochet or beading I can’t have with me. 2 weeks ago

trixie12Day 1

Yesterday I managed to go pull-free! Yes! So that is one day down and 165 days to go before the wedding. Doing well so far today, but I will update tomorrow. Night-time is my worst time so I can’t get too lax. Major triggers for me are: being tired, peanuts, caffeine, driving. It’s so gross. Hate that I have this issue. 1 month ago

trixie12I have 166 days to get this under control

My best friend is getting married on August 9th and I am her maid of honor. I have 166 days to get this nasty habit under control or I will be publicly humiliated. I want to feel great getting my hair done, don’t want to have to explain to yet another hairdresser about my bald spots and tell them that I have a thyroid problem or that my hair got burned in the hair dryer. ha!

So…this is my day one. I am super motivated to do this. Gotta make it happen. 1 month ago


I did pull today, but I was feeling really guilty which is a good first step. I usually don’t feel bad about it, it’s just something I do. Tomorrow I will go one day pull free :)

Lisa 2 months ago

LisaDay one....

I have gotten really bad. My hair is a lot thinner on the left side of my head. I would love to stop doing this to myself once and for all. Tomorrow is day one again, I have to keep trying!

Good luck everyone :)

Lisa 2 months ago

qglasOne month!

Feels very good to be able to say I’m at a month. The urges are getting stronger lately, probably because of stress piling up, but each milestone makes more determined. 3 months next. 2 months ago

Lune Fromage: Born of StardustSpiraling out of Control

I have to admit to myself that I am pulling and that it’s spiraling out of control. I made it so long without pulling and I finally felt good about my hair, but now I need to stop again, because it’s getting bad.

I especially pull during times of stress.

Starting tomorrow (or really today—because it’s 3 am here) I will keep track of very pull. 2 months ago

qglasAlmost there

Less than a week away from having a month pull-free, and I’m finding the more goals I get under my belt, the more incentive I have not to screw it up and start over. Still could use a good substitute for when I find my hands straying to my head. 2 months ago

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