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brickhorseSeason 8

I’m well into this season now, and it’s weird. Muldur keeps going in and out, and the episodes are not in chronological order so one never knows if “this” episode follows “that” episode, or if it’s before Scully’s new partner “knows” about her, or what! But there are some good episodes. It’s funny how Scully is now taking Muldur’s perspective and her new partner is the skeptic. 3 weeks ago

brickhorseThe Luckiest Man in the World (Season 7)

I love this episode. It is funny, gentle, and has a great ending that I didn’t see coming. I’ll probably watch it again after I finish this goal. 4 weeks ago

brickhorseSeason 7 creepy episodes.

I saw two episodes last night that were SOOOOO creepy. However, Scully and Mulder kissed a New Year’s Eve kiss that was very tender. That was worth the creepiness. Last night was a brain eating dude, and zombies. 4 weeks ago

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brickhorseSeason 7

This season started off great! 4 weeks ago

brickhorseSeason 6

I’m not sure which episode, but it’s one I’ve seen before, the one in the bank that’s like Groundhog Day (Bill Murray). 4 weeks ago

brickhorseAnother creepy episode

A spoiled little girl and her creepy doll with eyes that move, “Let’s play!” I turned it off halfway through because I thought I would rather watch something positive. Then I turned TV off completely and watched the inside of my eyelids! Much more productive! 1 month ago

brickhorseAlmost done with Season 4

I’m so glad I didn’t watch this when it was on TV because the commercials would have been so annoying. 1 month ago

brickhorseCreeped out again

Last night I watched too many X-Files episodes: three. I realize that two is my limit because they are so creepy sometimes. I saw one that was a continuation of a previous episode. It was okay. Then I saw the one about the Chupacabra (goat sucker) that was disturbing, probably because it was so close to home. Then the next episode was about a guy who can regenerate his body parts. I should have stopped at the Chupacabra. It was over the top for one night! 1 month ago

brickhorseSeason 3

This was a great season, with a lot of comedy. It was really fun, and dark too of course. Season 4 started pretty dark. Episode 2 “Home” creeped me out! “In a small, otherwise peaceful town, the agents investigate the death of an infant with disturbing birth defects, and the trail leads to a clan of inbred, genetic mutants.” None of the other episodes so far creeped me out like this one did. I went to bed, couldn’t sleep, had to read a positive book to relax, and had dreams all night about having to help Scully escape from a variety of situations. Ha! 1 month ago

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