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pay off my credit card

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mholikTax return!

Cut one in half, I should be able to eliminate it by the end of May or sooner. Then there is only ONE between the two of us, wheeee! 1 week ago


Woohoo! Income tax came. Credit card is paid off. Closing it as soon as my check clears. 1 week ago

funniculeeThis is going to happen sooner than I thought!

Barring disaster, I should be able to pay this off completely by the end of next month – maybe even the end of THIS month! I’m waiting to be reimbursed for some work-related expenses, and it’s not clear how much I will be reimbursed for (grr), but even a conservative estimate will let me pay off most of this balance (yay!!).

That’s a pretty cool feeling. My fiance has also offered to help me pay off the very last of my car loan(s) this month as well, which will be wonderful. I’m looking forward to helping him pay off his car as well, once all my smaller debts are done. 2 weeks ago


My desktop computer died. So I had to buy a new computer. While, the computer itself was a good deal I’m back up to $428 in debt.

I want to debt free in five months. So I am going to have $86 a month. I’ll try to put $100 down in April just to keep on top of it. 1 month ago

Kaylee ThompsonFrustrated

I usually pay it off in full every month, but last year it got a little out of hand because we had an emergency. That in itself wouldn’t be such a big problem; the problem is that they’re charging me around $30 in fees every month. So if I pay $70, only $40 of that will go towards paying my balance, and the rest is sucked up by the stupid fees.

My income is very small right now, so I can’t make big payments, and with the $30 fee, progress is very slow.

This is very frustrating for me, because I’m used to paying it off in full every month, and now I feel like I’m barely making any progress at all, even though I’m giving them everything that isn’t going towards rent or food. 1 month ago


As of this month, my largest one is FINALLY PAID OFF. 1 month ago

funniculee45% done!

Next month is going to be a little complicated – I have to go to a conference for work. I will be reimbursed for everything, but I may need to use my card (depending on how my other expenses shake out).

Really good motivation for keeping exquisite track of all my work related spending in that regard! 2 months ago

funniculee33% done!

I’ve been trying to pay at least $50 to $100 from each paycheck I receive, and more than that when I can. I’m 1/3 of the way there. Still going more slowly than I would like, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. I’m going to try to keep up that pace for the next few months.

I have about 3 months of car loan payments left – after my car is paid off, I am going to put that $ towards paying off the card as well. It’s not a huge payment, but every bit helps.

I should be finished with this within 6 months, barring disaster! That will be a relief. 2 months ago


Okay I started with $500 credit card balance. That might not seem much but I work part time and only have one job at the moment. So it was kind of a big deal. Right now I got it down to $137. I want to have that paid off by February. 3 months ago


I hope to have this completed by December 2013. Of course, then I’ll simply change my goal to either “buy a new car” or “pay off school loans”. : ) 4 months ago

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