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drink 8 glasses of water everyday

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I think my glass is too big. A glass before every meal would be better and I’d spend less time in the “smallest room”. 3 years ago

ldkalaskyDay One

I did it today! I had to pee every two seconds but I did it!! It is a lot harder than it seems… wish me luck on tomorrow! 4 years ago

monkeysentinelSix Months 23rd July

This is another open-ended goal which I really dislike.

Six months should be enough, although they say 21 days is long enough to form a habit!. 4 years ago


What is it about water? For some odd ball reason I cant seem to drink a full glass while Im at work. I can go through 8 hours with just a sip. Its that bad. Am I too busy or just cant stand the bland taste of it? Well, Ive noticed that “things” are changing in my body and my friends have pleaded with me that I need to increase my water intake. Therefore, I now bring a water bottle at work and try to finish it within two hours and then refill it and drink that within the next two hours. Its a start right? hehehe With a meal, I will turn it to a game and try and finish a glass or two of whatever beverage Im drinking. Alrighty, wish me luck… 5 years ago


acutally im aiming for 4 glasses green tea, 2 glasses black tea, 2 glasses herbal tea and 2 glasses of water 5 years ago


I drank 10 glasses today (80 ounces) 5 years ago


its hard @ first, but after a while it becomes second nature!! 5 years ago

justdoit66no more soda!

er, less soda. less coffee. more water, more fruit juices. how many ml is one glass anyway? i forget. but im going for eight 500 ml of water daily. and that’s a lot considering i didnt drink any water at all some days before. 6 years ago


I get a bottle, and keep sipping it whenever I can, and it has been working well for the past 4-5 months 6 years ago


i find this really hard cuz i cant actually drink a lot of water, i duno why i hav a couple of sips n i cant drink any more :s 7 years ago

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