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Weigh 140lbs

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I am not doing well with this at all. I had steady progress for a few weeks, then everything went to hell and I undid all my progress.
Depression is soaring, which makes me want to comfort myself with food. Bad cycle.
I know all the right things to do, I have the best intentions; it’s just a matter of doing them.
I went to the gym today, finally. I just need to get myself over this hurdle and do a major lifestyle cleanup.
I’m also considering going without weighing myself for the rest of the month. I’ll probably weigh myself ten times a day, hoping to see something I want, and when I don’t I just beat up on myself more and give up on things. 1 week ago

danidee27Right Direction

I’m seeing progress here and I’m not even going to the gym or even doing the best job eating clean.
It’s all moderation, though. I didn’t indulge in any wine this week, or pizza, but I thought the chow mein and tiramisu might have kept me from seeing results. That or the fact that I haven’t even been doing my at home exercise for the past week.
But, everything managed to balance out and I lost about another pound and a half. 3 weeks ago


I lost two pounds this week.
I’ve been making serious efforts to eat clean, pack food for work, eat regularly and be active.
Still no gym, but I’ve been using the stationary bike and doing kettle bell and calisthenics. I’ve impressed myself with my motivation to do these things in spite of being tired and tight on time.
My clothes are fitting better already and I feel great being more active.
I think the best part is that I still had some wine and that proves that I can indulge and still have success on the scale. 4 weeks ago


I finally made it within 10 lbs again. I’m a little late.
Now, I’m still not going to the gym… I currently have about 20 legitimate reasons/excuses, but I’m going to have to step it up if I want to burn off the other 10.

This is about the same time that I lost it last year and went in the wrong direction.

The chocolate and Baileys butter cream for boss’s birthday. I really need to stay motivated this year! 1 month ago

danidee27Not quite

Well, more like from being within 10 lbs of my goal weight.

I didn’t do very well on maintaining since the summer, and I’ve been trying to be more mindful about what I eat and my amount of daily movement. I’m down a few pounds already, but not where I’d like to be.

I’ve been trying to do some light strength training activities and plan to be in the gym next month to really get things on track.

Other than that, I’m hoping the silver-lining to this stomach bug I’ve had for the past few days is that I’ve inadvertently lost another pound or two, getting me down to 150 by Sunday. 2 months ago

danidee27Or Not...

Of course I did well until I made my boss’ chocolate birthday cake with Bailey’s and espresso buttercream. Six sticks of butter in all. Between licking the bowl after frosting the cake and having a piece the next day, I’ve restarted my sugar cravings and just let the week after that go to hell. I really need to get back to it and lose this weight. 13 months ago


141 this morning. I’ve definitely been fluctuating lately, and these last couple pounds have not wanted to come off, but I’ve really committed to eating more cleanly and to moving my butt more often.

This last pound is toast! 13 months ago

danidee27So Close

The holidays definitely delayed me getting to this weight, but I’ve finally turned a corner, made up for lost time, and got back on track.

This morning I weighed in at 142. I think I can definitely achieve this goal by the end of January. 15 months ago


This has been on my 43things for years, and I finally got there today. I must have removed the goal after not thinking I’d get there and losing hope for so long. I had to add it back just to say I completed it! haha. =) 16 months ago


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