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13ettyYay!!! Finally!!!

This year I finally discovered the world of gardening. Better late than never, huh? It’s a very exciting subject to explore…

So far, there’s cilantro, basil, chives, strawberries, and spinach that Tim and I started from seed—the cilantro seems to be growing the fastest of the bunch.

We also have a meyer lemon tree, purple cayenne pepper plant, and sampaquita flower/plant that we bought as ‘starter plants.’

Lastly, I have also been experimenting with regrowing plants from ‘kitchen scraps’ (green onions seem to have a very high success rate… updates on regrowing garlic and kale coming soon…) 11 months ago

13ettyOlé the Purple Cayenne Pepper Plant

My fiancé and I got him at the Durham Farmer’s Market in North Carolina. The farmer/vendor told us that it can grow 4’ – 6’ tall—holy moly, that’s a whole lot of heat! 11 months ago

13ettyLe Moni the Lemon Tree...

This is a little ‘welcome home’ gift from my fiancé that I love so much!!! 11 months ago

jacketpocketI finally have access to a backyard with grass.

Here are the vegetables I would most like to try to grow (perhaps this upcoming spring/summer):

  • cherry tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • carrots
  • peppers
  • beets
  • onions 14 months ago

Mina Lily.

started ;

mini onions
sweet potato
Hawaiian chili plant

Trimmed all the vines and even cleared a new area to plant some herbs. 16 months ago

Tessa Coles:) Currently going really well

Growing three types of tomatoes, three types of chill, potatoes, rocket, parsley, capsicum 16 months ago


I had my own garden the past two summers. It was so relaxing. 17 months ago

Mina LilyLife

Right now: working on onion bulbs for replanting.

Trimming the butternut squash vine.

Carrots . 17 months ago

gregpickettProject over

Mel’s decided she hasn’t got green fingers afterall so there’s no more veg’ growing! We did eat some home-grown brocoli though so I’m ticking this one off! 17 months ago

Art FellowFirst two broad beans

Can you spot them?

I planted these around March (southern hemisphere autumn) and they have been flowering for a while but pods have finally started to form… Can’t wait to boil them and have them with a dash of salt! Or have them in a pasta dish? 18 months ago

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