Run every day for 3 months

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Luke VaughnUntitled

Took some 11:00 pm runs, but I did it. Having this goal definitely kept me from skipping days, especially some of those days where I’d gotten <4 hours of sleep the night before and had worked 12 hours that day. Haven't missed a run going back to May 15th, and don't plan on skipping a day anytime soon. Now that I have a streak of about 100 days in a row, I'm not very likely to end that streak just because I'm feeling a bit tired. 7 years ago

Ken ChenRan 15 min today

Day 1/90 15min 7 years ago

Ken ChenGetting in shape!

It seems a viable goal! So I’m going to take it! Running 1 hour daily ( 6:00am to 7:00am ), one hour Mu Thai practice on tuesdays and wednesdays, playing Rugby on saturdays, If I don’t get in shape before my birthday I’m going for a lipo hahaha. 7 years ago


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