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Ride a horse

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aguafria2Broken Saddle or Equine Escapes

Probably abt. $200 1 month ago

gracielou105Definitely worth it!

Meet Truman! Had so much fun riding him. 7 months ago

moonbluedAction Plan : Phase 1

Find location in Washington State where this is available. 9 months ago


This counts towards another goal I have completed of meeting new people. I have recently met someone, who has started working with me, who I am pretty sure, already, is Awesome. She is also a bit of an animal nut, more than me, and has two horses I think. She has offered to teach me how to ride, half jokingly I am sure. But of everyone I know here she would be the most fun to go riding with! So I hope we get to do that this summer :) 11 months ago


found two horses loose on the drive home. got out cause i knew in my bones they were for me to contact. i walked them home and met the owner. he eventually let me ride his horse bareback. thanks! 18 months ago

Hambam235 euro during the summer


I get 40 euro a week for food and everything… I know nothing!

I’m gonna save a tenner this week and next week and then go busking for the rest…

date I wanna go horse riding: 6th of August 2012 21 months ago

cats2kids6I did it!

Maybe I am just a little bit more comfortable around horses. I asked to get off and back out, but then my daughter said Number 2 and Number 3 could not ride. So I did it. I asked the guide to tether my horses, but she said she would stay right infront of my, and not to worry. Since I got diagnosed with the cancer when I get really upset, or nervous my head shakes and that happened so much the guide asked if I was okay. At the end she asked if I will do it again, and I told her probably not, this was my one and only. 2 years ago

cats2kids6Only went to the energy healing guy three times. He never mentioned it again.

Going to see if I can do this in Pigeon Forge on our Zorbing trip. Really, if you believe than dreams can come true…really! 2 years ago

LyreSo much fun!

Went out to the place and did three things:

1. Horsemanship – was pretty boring, but I learnt to put on and take off the saddle and bridle, to brush the horse down and to clean its hooves. Best thing about this was the fact that the horse we did this on was Baron, a rescue horse whom I was lucky enough to ride for the rest of the afternoon.

2. Lesson – learned how to sit in the saddle, hold the reins, and steer the horse around. We also touched on the concept of the rising trot, and I gave it a try. It was surprisingly difficult, but trotting without the rising motion was way more uncomfortable.

3. Trail ride – as night fell, we rode together around the property, down to a wide river and through some boggy grass. This was easily the best part of the afternoon. Baron was just a wonderful horse to ride.

My overall impressions? I loved it! There’s something very cool about the fact that there’s an animal willing to bear you on its back and obey your commands. It’s quite a bonding experience. There was some slight disappointment in the fact that the horses weren’t quite the same beasts I grew up around. It’s telling that the horse I first gravitated to was the one that ended up having a list of riders that could handle her. Why did I like her? Because she held her head up and looked at me. It wasn’t so much their smaller size as their lack of spirit that bothered me. In some ways, it was like dealing with toys rather than animals. Or, I suppose, more like vehicles. Which is what they are.

But all of that is a small gripe. Mostly, it was wonderful. I sincerely hope that I will be able to afford proper lessons one day in the future. 2 years ago


I’ve made my booking for the 25th March.

So excited! 2 years ago

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