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JMoMimzeyWorking on this now

1) I paid off my vehicle so instead of paying that payment to them now I’m diverting money into my credit union account; and

2) I am a notary and I receive money, although not much, for every time I notarize something. Working in a law office, I can make some extra money. I am going to also deposit that into my account. Some weeks its just a couple bucks and other weeks its nothing and then every so often I might make a $100 or a couple hundred. You just never know. More often than not, its just $10/week or so. Better than nothing though. 2 years ago

JMoMimzeyAt the rate i'm going

this will never happen! I need to get a little more active on this goal. I have decided my credit union account will be where I save this money. I don’t put much in there, only $50/month. So, I have to come up with ways to save more to put it in there…I’ve been doing better with bringing my lunch, but not as good as I could do. 3 years ago


where to begin???? this might be a little easier if we would get a raise!!! 3 years ago


Since I went ahead and paid off the credit cards, completely, loan repayment and savings plan is changing yet again.

1. bi-monthly retirement loan repayments (44 to go through June 2012)
2. now I’m at 25% of my 2 months of salary goal. at this rate, I’ll be there by Aug 2011. 3 years ago

tamaribuDialing back

expectations. In order to keep up with an increasing portion of the mortgage, I’ve had to commit all savings and am now borrowing against retirement savings.

So I’m now focussed on repayment:
1. bi-monthly retirement loan repayments (48 to go, through June 2012)
2. credit card 1 (four 1/2 more monthly payments: June, July, Aug, Sept)
3. credit card 2 (six monthly payments after cc1 is paid: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar 2011)

Then can move to saving:
4. Two months (16 months, April 2011 through Aug 2012) 3 years ago

tamaribuit's June

and the home purchase has taken its toll on this goal. All “extra” anything is going straight to the mortgage.

So I’m really in about the same place I was 6 months ago: About 2 months in the bank and 2 more months to go.

If I didn’t have an extra consulting gig – I’d be hurtling backwards on this one. 5 years ago

tamaributhis is all going to the family bank

but it’s my savings too. I’ve got about 2 months worth now and I’m giving myself five months to save another 2 months of salary. That means by the end of April I should be there. 6 years ago


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