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tigers2008yes one day become rich doing video game sbuy the castles horses etc.

So this dream i will do this someday online degrees etc.i want to play tons video games to on play statoin 2-3 and wii next to. 19 months ago

ryanjames1411ryan's free games.com

how do i make games 23 months ago


i wana learn how to make a game 2 years ago

cyrus holidayhello..........

be fluent in French 2 years ago


Dream Job! Probably just the design part. I need to learn not to be afraid of the computer, and anatomy, while I’m at it. 2 years ago

1337f0xStarfox DS

Fox McCloud starts all alone but on the third level he gets a message from a woman he could not see her she is warring a hood on and cloth covering her mouth.she comes in takes of the hood and cry’s star wolf there all dead.It was Krystal and fox was so happy to see here agean but that happiness did of fast knowing his best friend from grade school died wolf and fox where angry at each other for years and it was all trough he hated that he could not have saved him Krystal wanted back for revenge then came the rest slippy toad his wife murdered.falco was killed and Katt wanted on so they started A new team called starwing or fox and Krystal called star fox DS (Death servers) but starwing sounded better. Then in the 6 level they find out that it was Othella a assassin for venom so they go after him


game over ending: as fox falls nearly died to the ground fox is hearing a friendly voice no fox don’t die but it was to late Krystal screams in pain her friend and more is died.

win the game ending: as the great fox 2 arrived fox and Krystal kiss for the first time ever the next 5 weeks they plan to get married 4 mounts after that they went back to the ship married and Krystal was pregnant they named him James mcCloud Jr.he became like his father every day then James was the right age to fight side by side with his mom and dad 3 years ago

TriiskI make games.

Im working on multible first person shooters, etc. 5 years ago


trying ro be a game maker 5 years ago


zUP 6 years ago

fdfghgdsfghjfdsdfghread this

this website sucks 6 years ago

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