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eat mexican food

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i first had it last year i love it 6 months ago


i first had it last year i love it 6 months ago

Shelly ChanYum !!

Mr. Taco Truck !!!! (Hongkong, PRC) 14 months ago

Shelly ChanYum ?

I heard Mexican food is tasty. Wanna try. 14 months ago

CMOR15eat mexican food

eat 23 months ago


i went to mexico and ate lots of mexican food for 5 weeks 2 years ago

CornucopiaMexican May

I loved this goal. I ended up eating Mexican food about once a week during May. 2 years ago

CornucopiaFish tacos

I’ve always been a strictly beef taco girl but I’d read about fish tacos so thought I’d give them a go. Wow! Tacos de pescado – where have you been all my life?? 2 years ago

CornucopiaMexican Munchies in May

I’m eating Mexican food in May as part of this goal. It came up on that box down the bottom of the page and I thought Yeah! Mexican food!! I don’t really have Mexican food very often so I’m excited at all the delicious food I’m going to have this month.

Last night I went out with a group of people from work and had a chicken burrito. Yum! 2 years ago


This one is pretty easy, folks. Really shooting for the stars with this one, aren’t we?

I used to live in a town that has some great food. There were two mexican restaurants run by people who were from Mexico, and cooked the food in a much more authentic manner than I have ever had before or since. No Taco Time or Taco Bell here, the real thing. Mole sauce, pollo, and the best burritos ever. I had a lot of mixed feelings about that town, but I am glad I got a chance to live there just for the mexican food. Now I know what I’m talking about when I say I like mexican cooking. 3 years ago

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