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roekPokemon the Legend of RKANE

this game you will be able to catch RKANE.in the adventure to capture rkane there will be lots of new pokemon. 6 years ago


ya 6 years ago


About Urban-Gangster
Welcome To The Urban-Gangsters. In The Gangster Game It is Everyone Man And Women For There Self 6 years ago

flavoroflove22the entry of fear and demons

its a game about demons and has to do with god and jesus…u got to be god and destroy demons….the first boss is freddy crugar…the second boss is jason….the third is the devil…
This is how u move:
spacebar:changes weapons:weapons availible: magnum,shotgun,and a sniper rifle…..
A:a is to attack ur enimies..
the arrow keeys is how u move:up arrow-jumps, down arrow-ducks,and left and right is how u move….so this is why this should be a game




how about it?? 6 years ago

rohansahncrazee man

I hope it is cool 6 years ago

huntsgirl88American Dragon Huntsgirl Attack

This video game will be somewhat like Mario Smash Brothers. But instead you can be American Dragon charechters. First, you can be Huntsgirl,krylok,the American Dragon, or the Dark Dragon. Each charechter has a place where their moves work best. Huntsgirl`s place is a large hunts fighting room shown in The Academy. The Krylok`s place is a volcanic place shown in Half Baked. The American Dragons place is Central Park in Winter. The Dark Dragon`s place is in the construction area in Being Human. Each charechter has some moves.
Huntsgirl`s Moves:
A = swing staff around
B = Shoot staff
C = Jumps Of Wall
B up = pins to ground

Krylok`s Moves:
A = whacks grabs opponent and wacks them on ground (works if you are Am Drag only)
B = Plunges tail
D up = Throws any opponent on ground

American Dragon`s Moves:
A = Breath Fire
B = Flies
C = whacks opponent with tail
B up = Grabs hunts staff or tail and knocks them over

Dark Dragon`s Moves:
A = breath blue fire
B = Shoots Blue shock out of hands
C = Tail raps around opponent

Bonous Move:
Huntsgirl R = Uses staff plainly just to fight
Krylok R = Portal made to dissapear from the game for 4 seconds
American Dragon R = Takes fists and knocks two opponents to ground
Dark Dragon has no bonus

Challenge Game – Pick a charechter and fight through each charechter at their place and then fight against Matser Dragon (an original) 6 years ago

zereoinWoo! college

Yep, game design rocks. 6 years ago

bjbland2004Inviso Walls

I’ve made an arcade game with game maker. Its sort of like pacman, but you are trying to get to the end. If you want to try it, e-mail me at bjbland2004@yahoo.com and I will send it to you. 6 years ago

banjo109i make them now

i use game maker 7 i bought it and it works good . naturally u cant make super high popular games like everyone wants to do but its a start. you dont need to buy it u can get a free trial from yoyogames.com 6 years ago

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