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get health insurance

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lorddevPre-existing conditions

When I went independent last year, I assumed I’d be able to get private coverage for my wife and me, as there wasn’t a gap in coverage. But they turned us down for pre-existing conditions. So we are waiting for Health Care Reform to kick in, in 2014. 12 months ago


So I don’t have to spend a lot of money in hospital bills, see y I always have headaches 15 months ago

Amanda Jothank goodness

Thank goodness for the law allowing me to go back on my father’s insurance! 23 months ago

mankybamOn track!

I just got a job, so in 30 days I will have health insurance and in 60 days I will have dental insurance. Yay! 2 years ago

lindsay kamakahiGot a fabulous job

And the benefits in it was health insurance which calms my mind and spirit with the health problems that those I love have had come upon them… 2 years ago


I got a job, I worked there six months, and then I got health insurance. But they had us working 60 – 70 hour weeks and my supervisor threw a fit every time I suggested I needed a day off, so I put off going to the doctor and then I got laid off. A few months later I got a new job, got health insurance, went to six doctor appointments (see, no wasted time, this time) and then the company closed, I was laid off, and I’ve lost my health insurance. So despite achieving this goal, twice, I am still trying to get health insurance. 2 years ago

daniiielleTeachers Health Fund

Have had a look but need to pick a suitable policy with Tim.. 2 years ago

BeccaRo6708...a year

Ever since I quit my job in April 2010, I have not had health insurance. Not a smart thing for a girl with a thyroid problem! 2 years ago

an_Onnie_MouseEven went all out

Took the time to set my business up to provide coverage to its employees. Waded through countless pages of info. Got it done. Responsibility ftw. 3 years ago

bearsmom_2009In 90 days...

I will get some insurance from my hubby’s job :) 3 years ago

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