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chester195518/354 - Going strong

I have been helping a friend in their shop recently and there were several days where I took my lunch and because I was so busy I didn’t go out at all and spend any money. The best kind of workplace…arrive at the door, stay in where there is no temptation and then go home. LOL1 month ago

chester195514/354 - Out and about but nothing spent

This is a new one. I did leave the house but I was busy helping a friend re-arrange things in their shop. I took my lunch and my morning and afternoon snack. They bought some bottles of water and I spent the whole day out but didn’t spend any money. Way to go! 1 month ago

chester195513/354 - Did it again!

Yes! Another day at home in my beautiful garden with no reason to go out and spend money. 1 month ago


Brian’s sitting down with us today to get our finances in order :) I’m excited 2 months ago

chester195512/354 - Nothing to spend here

Another day spent at home which means nothing got spent :-) It will be interesting to see what happens when I go back to work. I used to buy a coffee every day, but now I’m thinking I can actually resist the urge LOL2 months ago

chester195511/354 - A day spent in the garden = no money spent

I spent the whole day at home hard at work in the garden and yep, once again not going anywhere = not spending money. 2 months ago

chester195510/354 - Trying for a record here :-)

Goodness me! I think I am going for a new record here! Another day spent at home and no money spent. That’s 3 days in a row. What can I say? I have to run out of milk and bread soon… LOL2 months ago

chester19559/354 - I did it again!

So spending time at home = not spending money, again. Hmm maybe if I became a hermit I’d be filthy rich :-) LOL2 months ago

chester19558/354 Another day at home and not a cent spent

Feeling pretty good now. I’ve accumulated 8 days of no spending. Every no spend day is a challenge and I notice every no spend day is spent, excuse the pun, at home LOL2 months ago

chester19557/354 Another day spent at home...

...and not a cent spent.
Yes, there is a definite correlation between not going anywhere and not spending. SURPRISE!! :-)
When I was a kid we didn’t have a car, so trips to the shops where planned and it was literally a once a week affair. I was brought up on powdered milk and it was a long walk to the local shop for a loaf of bread.
We didn’t go anywhere much because of bad public transport and so we really didn’t spend much money.
It seems mobility and being able to drive to the shops is one of the reasons I spend money unnecessarily.
I was going to duck out to get something yesterday, but I convinced myself that I could ‘make do’ until I was actually intentionally going to the store for a reason.
I not only didn’t have to have the thing I wanted right away, but I also saved in terms of petrol by not going out.
I feel I’m getting better at planning and finding was to curb impulse spending and getting better at looking for alternatives to just popping out just because I can. 2 months ago

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