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get an eye test

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nufanDone and ...

... all clear (phew) xxx 3 years ago

comixminxall done and dusted

and I have excellent eyesight and good all-round eye health, yay! The puff of air thing they do to test your eye pressure (wtf?) is a bit disconcerting, mind.

NB for future – the left eye is very slightly long-sighted but certainly not worth correcting – just a general slight difference between the two eyes that is perfectly normal.

Return in two years – if they’re like Dollond & Aitchison that I had one done with a long time ago, Boots won’t be backward in reminding me… 6 years ago

comixminxGot the voucher from work

...and good old t’internet – I can even book – well, request – an appointment with Boots on the web. 6 years ago


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