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sneak out in the middle of the night and do something fun

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yes…sneaking out can be insanely fun. you gotta have atleast a lil cash on you so you can go to eat or something with your friends…get a shopping cart and freakin go crazy riding inside it while your friend pushes you..get your skate board or bike and go riding..text another friend and see if they up and maybe go chill at there place.. if you are a fast runner..go into a store and fricken throw something at someone and just ditch! lol I SNEAK OUT ALL THE TIME xD 3 years ago

bladegirllolMidnight Ride

So I was pissed at my parents, and snuck out of the house at one in the morning and took my bike to my boyfriends house. And no you perverts we didn’t hook up, we did something WAY more fun – pillow forts, popcorn, and planning the deaths of my parents. That is my definition of fun, and was totally worth the b.s. once my parents found out. 4 years ago

Ms SmithUntitled

I snuck out of my room and hooked up with this guy. It was a lot of fun. I really liked the adrenaline that you get when you sneak out. Once I snuck out of the house I felt as if I was invincible. It’s a nice feeling plus I enjoyed my hook up too! 5 years ago


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