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do 50 pushups

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Darwin101Right now

I can do 10. At my best, I could do about 20. Long way to go. 10 months ago


I want to be able to do 50 consecutive military push-ups. Right now, I can do at least 20 before I lose motivation and stop and if I take a short break I can crank out 10 more.

I’ll try to approach this goal by doing push-ups on my strength training days, and force myself to do at least 20 and then do as many more as I can.

I’ll keep working on this one 20 months ago


So I was standing on the scale the other day and it turns out I gained 4 pounds. But It’s not weight… because my waistline is the same. (plus it’s almost physically impossible for me to gain weight… x__x I’ve tried.) Could it be….muscle? gasp

It might be because I’ve been doing a ton of core strengthening exersizes from my Physical therapy. (planks, situps, pushups ect.)

But the problem is that the 4 new pounds have made it incresingly harder to do anymore pushups than I already can do.

I’m just gonna have to keep at it. 2 years ago


I can now do 30 knee pushups and about 15 regular pushups. I think the planks that I’m doing are helping. 2 years ago


I can do about 20 pushups from my toes. Used to be able to do 10, so I can see an improvement! 2 years ago


I did 45 today! 3 years ago

El Hopzwell i thought i couldnt do it and i did

well the day i set the task i did it.. 3 years ago

Andrew WoodsToday is Day 01

I did 20 consecutive pushups earlier today. I’ll keep trying until I can do 50 consecutive pushups. Hopefully it won’t take too long. 3 years ago

NikolDid it!

I can now crank out 2 sets of 25 (on my toes, not knees) and am working on my third. 3 years ago

Keanot Tapangcoday 0

im having my physical test on nov 27,,, the minimum push up count is 33 , i did 30 before but when i stopped doin it, it dropped to 20,. 3 years ago

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