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DMTMHNever happened, but by god I will!

In high school I was always quite a good student, I graduate with a 3.7ish GPA on a 4 point scale. However, I have never gotten straight As. I’ve come close a few times, usually with one class in which I am unable to receive an A for one reason or another.

By the end of high school, I hardly had any study skills whatsoever and unfortunately this wreaked havoc during college. After my first semester, my GPA was 0.9 and I only passed one of the three classes I was enrolled in. The second semester I figured a few things out and did get my GPA up to 1.6, but I still failed one class and due to my current academic probation status, I am one semester away from being dismissed. If my GPA isn’t above 2.0 by the end of this fall semester, that’s it for my chances at this school.

This summer, though, I am being reminded of my childhood/teenage dream of becoming an astronaut. It was always a major source of inspiration and made my life much better. It was what pushed me to get a 3.7 in high school. With every passing day I remember the attitude I held more and more vividly. Now I feel that I can do anything if it’s what it takes to venture to the stars. This absolutely includes sacrificing energy and leisure in the name of academic success.

If I get straight As in the fall, my GPA will be above 2.5. If the trend continues through the spring, I’ll be slightly above 3.0, very exceptional in a challenging program like the one in which I’m enrolled (Physics). 5 months ago

acatalepsyDecember 15

I haven’t looked at HAC very recently, but it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I can definitely do this. 12 months ago

acatalepsyDecember 9

Too afraid to look at HAC, but I’m assuming that I do not have straight A’s. 12 months ago


I’m making this my primary goal for the upcoming semester. I’m only taking 12 credit hours, so there’s really no reason why this can’t happen for me. Hopefully I won’t get sidetracked with work, practicing, etc, but I’d really like to have a perfect GPA in my last semester as an undergrad 16 months ago


Got my results a couple of weeks ago, and got AAB, which was enough to get into university (yay)
Done =] 2 years ago


Results come out tomorrow! And I’m nervous. I’ve already had a nightmare that I got BCC. I really hope I got AAB or at least ABB. It’s the B in physics I’m worried about, I think I may have cocked it up and got a C, when I need a B to get into university. Aah, I’m so nervous! 2 years ago

littlemaxine93revision time

So revision time has come around again and I find myself on the computer wasting the day away. Oops. To get to uni this year I need AAB, and I’m on track for that. Teachers say it may even be possible to get AAA, but I doubt I’m going to do that. An A in physics? Haha, that would be a miracle. Still, I would like to try for it…
My first exam is on the 17th May – it’s a physics retake exam which I got a B in the first time round. A low B though, so I’m retaking it. After that the exams are more serious, not so many retakes, and I need to nail these ones first time round. Wish me luck, results come out in August, and then I’ll find out if I get to uni this year. I can’t wait. 2 years ago

thenewoneI'm just dodging bullets now

Straight B’s or better: do-able; straight A’s: not too certain. The fact that I will be missing an entire week of school two weeks from now does not settle my worries. I should plot this one out:
- AP Stat: I need to read up on a few chapters, since my brain, for some reason, did not take in the info from the beginning of this semester. It feels like I have missed so much.
- Pol Sys: Easy.
- German III: Easier than Political Systems.
- Brit Lit: Making a B will be easy. For making an A, I just need to do the work. Minimal effort. :)
- AP Env Sci: The work is easy. The info seems easy. However, I have not even received a test back in this class with a B. Needless to say, it has been a real stress-inducer year-round. O, Environmental Science, how you have deceived me so.
- Psych: Minimal effort = A. 2 years ago

thenewoneShouldn't Have Taken AP Enviro

It is still hard to believe how one class brought down the grades of all my other classes. Last semester, I had straight A’s, excluding one class: AP Environmental Science. What hurt the most was that trying to bring up that one grade to an A caused the rest of my grades to drop down to B’s… all of this effort, only to come out of first-semester APES with a low C. I’ve changed up my study plans, hoping I can end high school running. 2 years ago


Hopefully more then once. 3 years ago

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