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Lyndsey Antoinette DavisonNearly there ....

All exams completed and passed looking forward to qualifying in April 2012 2 years ago

MangoLuveLaw law law

What a long journey this shall be but i am determined to persue this respectable and competative proffesion :D

I have accepted the fact my hair shall fall out in the process _ theres always extensions for when i get rich though :D 2 years ago

shlinktradeChinese Lawyer

We assist you with your business in China. 2 years ago


In my opinion,law seems interesting.I mean,you try to defend your client and win your case.It may be hard and take a lot of work,but,its worth it in the end. 3 years ago


Its how i want my life to be, as I’m in law school now, 2 more years to graduate, then I can start practicing for it :)
I hope I can be successful in the competition! :) 3 years ago

melstroPossible career

Maybe I can harness my argumentative flare and earn money for doing so. 3 years ago

michelleyorimto become a lawyer

i’ve always wanted to become a lawyer eversince i graduated from college but wasn’t able to do so because of some constraints. now i’m on my third year in law school getting ready to rock it….i hope to surely make it to the bar!God, help me. 3 years ago


heyy my name is rachel but all my friends call me niki im emo and i live in L.A i live it here i am looking for some boys to talk to :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUV YA <3 4 years ago


Anyone who doesn’t get into a Top 10 law school is never going to make money as a lawyer.

FACT. 4 years ago

WinkRBecoming a lawyer

I want to become a lawyer. I want to work at a corporate firm and do my best to appease clients in the most efficient way possible. I want to bill everything to the firm, and work tirelessly into the night. I want to fuck my secretaries. I WANT TO BE A LAWYER. 4 years ago

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