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Let’s all smoke a bowl :) 3 years ago

violetwoodhousethe time I felt free

The only time I felt like I was really free and I had escaped society was when I was a child growing up on a mountain on a farm. I had no connection to the media, no pressure to speed by through life, and “be perfect” like I do now that I live in New York. I never knew I had nothing, as a child I thought I had it all. But then I moved with my parents when I was six to long island. I brushed my hair for the first time and had my first cheeseburger. But I still haven’t don’t like fashion, makeup, etc. I feel I don’t belong sometimes, and other times I feel like I’m suppose to do something, like start a revolution. 3 years ago

vincelebTo Faraya

That’s it…This weekend, It’s going to be freedom to my mind, freedom to my body, and freedom to my spirit.

I’m going to the mountains to a very beautiful place called Faraya in Lebanon. It’s like 2,000 meters above water. And it’s characterized by its trees and clear, clean air.]

Well, I need a rest from society, from all the man made noises, from all the ‘Illusionistic’ Responsibilities.
I want to set my goals in life, whether they are spiritual goals, physical goals, personal goals and mind goals.

Peace 3 years ago


“You were created as a soul, and placed into this physical body.
Your body is just the “tool”; A tool for your soul to carry out this temporary physical section of your eternal life. A tool which should be guided into investing and feeding the soul. But what do we do? We dedicate all of our lives to feed the “tool” with physical and worldly pleasures instead. The system is cleverly designed to keep you attached to such worldly illusion.”

Love, beauty, passion, happiness are all found at much deeper levels. 3 years ago

Jeffery WilsonGetting there.

Getting there. 3 years ago

m_threefuck the system

Challenge everything that doesn’t feel right to you and your beliefs. 3 years ago

carlotarantoWanting to escape

I have always disliked the way society carries on with this futile yet ever so important drive to make money and be the coolest. So the drive for me to just escape into a jungle and never been seen has always been with me. But lately, I’m finding myself having to refrain from standing up and walking out of work, with a one way ticket to whatsit.

I just feel like me getting up halfway through a days work and walking into the wilderness is inevitable. Even if I last a few weeks and die from starvation, I know I would have died free… and not another battery powering the economy… Money doesnt grow on trees, but food does, and Im killing myself making money to buy food. ITS SO STUPID!!! ha ha 3 years ago

Saz34a celebration of the Soul

We’ve become so indoctrinated into someone else’s idea of what society ought to be and forgotten ho to cater for the soul, for simplicity, for beauty and magic found from communing with nature directly in the form of perhaps shamanic journeying or something similar. Nature has become something outside of ourselves, to be shut away, tamed, and refined; we’ve forgotten the connections we once had.

I’d like to live in an intentional community one day, or at least live as close to nature as I can. I love reading about people who take leaps of faith into the wild—like Chris McCandless or Peace Pilgrim. People who won’t stand for the mundane world we are forced to live in. We know that there is an inner life, a soul, and that has its own demands which might fly in the face of Reason, of materialism and celebrity worship, but trying to silence the soul can lead to misery. As our population grows, and we continue to build ugly slabs of concrete over once-green land, it’s vital that we learn to live a lifestyle that is in closer harmony with nature, both to protect our planet and the spirit within. 3 years ago

iloveoverallsa good book to ponder on this idea

read John Francis’ book “Planetwalker”. It’s a life-changer. He walked from one end of the continent to the other end in 21 years. He also did his walk in complete silence. Throughout his pilgrimage, he asked himself questions as to, “What am I doing at this moment?” Why did I choose this path? He really becomes philsophical throughout his book. It really opens up your mind. gives you a sense of anybody can do whatever they want. He is an inspiration to me and I hope you will enjoy his book as much as I do. 3 years ago

Chad Mccarnonce again

haha. yeah. all of this is pretty cool. this website is a great idea, but all of you seem to lack the initiative. just do it. stop saying you will and do it. there are places off the grid. so grab some friends and the essentials. go live off the grid. im down to start something. a revolution. i kinda hope 2012 grips people with fear, and the ones not afraid, i hope they tear down the system. because…whats stopping us from revolting? haha. this is all of our planet. not just the ones with money. you have one life, i say…start changing the fuck out of it. stop giving a shit. seriously! stop! otherwise your going to be like everyone else. broken, old, and wondering what life is all about. figure it out instead of figuring out how to flip burgers for your job, or merge companies for your corporation. im no anarchist, but im all for human rights. and right now, they are dwindling. wake up…please. if everyone doesnt wake up, you’ll sleep till your dead and wonder why the whole time. find a soul mate. have a best friend who shares the same views so you can grow from each other. eat good food. really good food. find the fruits of life and roll with the punches. adapt, and dont think that you have it all figured out. drop your ego. unless your eating mushrooms or acid or something, you probably think you have all your shit figured out. try and really open up your mind. yes, fish, hunt, and plant a garden. love willingly. unconditionally. but stop giving a shit. laugh it off. breath deep. and get out of where you are. everything has purpose. and we are all the same. dont let family hold you back, theyre going to love you no matter what. smoke a joint once in a while. swim in the ocean. take road trips. wake up for the sunrise. that shit is cool. but do it with friends. do everything with people who know you REALLY well. find the person who is almost exactly like you and trip out together. i sound like a fuckin hippie. it works though. and get off the grid. im 20. alive. and hungry for insight. fuck obligations. there is no such thing really. and fuck time except for when its your last few minutes. but dont take a single day for granted, you can do a lot in a day. get out of your routine. go travel the world. with friends of course. say fuck it. get that rush. i fuckin love life right now. its 3am. and i am sober, and ready to live the wanderlust lifestyle. see you on the other side. 3 years ago

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