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drink less soda

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Anleebbuy less soda

i cant resist drinking it if its in my refrigrator so i simply dont buy it. 9 months ago

Mikey WolfUntitled

i need help… :( 10 months ago

Cofjn7cofjnLess means more

Have been drinking more water and juices and less-far less soda since I am breast feeding. 10 months ago


I want to stop drinking soda. Drinking less and less will be the road to stoping completely. 10 months ago


only had 1 today :) 11 months ago


I’m trying to replace soda with more healthy things with fewer calories and less sugar. More tea and water. 11 months ago


I brought my own water or made my own drink and choice drinks other than soda. By not drinking soda I feel more rejuvenated each day. 11 months ago

rogerfiredodgerused to drink soda...

way too much. now i don’t. 13 months ago


If Im lucky, I will drink 12 cans of soda pop in a year. I used to drink soda pop a LOT. My teeth are paying the price for it. There is such a thing as to much.

Now, my drink of choice is Tea. I go through a lot of that. 13 months ago


Do not buy soda and order water whenever possible. 14 months ago

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