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I hear it all the time, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I think I would be more of a morning person if I ate breakfast and had energy. I don’t starve myself or anything I just don’t have the time. I ate toast this morning and a banna the other day before school, trust me this is new to me. 6 years ago


it’s tasty, and increases motabolism so you appreciate the other two meals more. 6 years ago

RachaelIt's nice to be up early enough to :)

Having a routine in the mornings is nice. There are some times when I don’t have breakfast because I work in the afternoons, so I have to have lunch before I go, and if I’ve had breakfast too, it’s hard to eat. Anyway, on the most part, breakfast is good :) 6 years ago

prrimadonnano big difference

... i think i consume less calories throughout the day if i dont eat breakfast. i still eat the same amount of food.. just actually less because i dont eat breakfast. no big deal. 6 years ago

bartzturkeymomHelps balance the day

It doesn’t do any good to go hungry. Metabolism gets turned on by eating, so the longer it’s on during the day,the more calories are burned 7 years ago

acroyear2I need to!

Now I’ve started work again, I really need the calories – I have to walk two miles to my friend’s house to get a lift to work, so by the time I get to my desk, I’m starving! 7 years ago

acroyear2I hate mornings...

I’m really not a morning person – I usually loathe interacting with people until I hit my desk, but then end up grazing all day, which is bad for my energy levels. So, if I started having breakfast, although I’d have to get up earlier in order to do so, I’d probably feel better all morning, rather than having a sugar crash at 10am and going nuts. I’m not talking about a full English – although it’s not bad when you’re in a hotel, and someone else cooks it for you – just a couple of bits of Marmite on toast and a cup of decaff Earl Grey would be fine (and a lot less hassle, frankly). 7 years ago

itssfjust cereal

it would be nice to be more creative, but i have been pretty good about eating something before i leave the house, so i think it counts. 7 years ago

gordokGood start

I’ve been doing quite well with this. I’ve had breakfast (cereal + actimel, sometimes with tea and toast) every working day for the past week and a half. Its made a big difference to how my day goes (much more alert and productive now) as well as saving me the £3-5 it is all to easy to spend on a mid-morning snack in Pret.

Possibly most importantly, I’ve managed to do it without needing a coffee as part of the routine. 7 years ago


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