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hippi33456marraige for citizenship

i m male looking for a usa girl to marry for citizen we can talk about and money and stuff i can offer u good money so we can help each other if any usa girl interested can mail me at blueeyeshp77@gmail.com. i hope we can help each other 2 months ago

lucylulu222I will marry any guy so he can stay in Australia

I have an Aussie passport and am willing to marry any man who needs to stay in australia.
I need paying – price can be talked about. This is serious I need the money – please email me Lucylulu@hotmail.com.au 19 months ago


Jestem 31 letnią kobietą z wyższym wykształceniem. Dam obywatelstwo mężczyźnie w wieku od 30 lat, pobyt tylko w Polsce, bez wyjazdu. Pomogę w trakcie trwania procedur. Odpowiem na każdą wiadomość.

I’m 31 years old woman with master degree. I’ll give EU citizenship for male from 30 Years old, only in Poland, I will help during the procedures.

callatheo81@gmail.com 22 months ago


This came rather unexpectedly and I am thrilled :D :D

I managed to lose my wallet just before Christmas, including my only ID. So I had a couple of things to pick up at the post office that were waiting until I got my replacement ID. I asked a friend to come help me claim it (she had to vouch for my identity)
I was entering my bills and saw my citizenship case number in my folder and thought I would check to see if a decision had been reached and it had.
Suddenly it dawned on me that one of the slips I had for the post office might be for my decision letter. I ran down there with my friend and ripped open my letter to find a huge certificate and my British passport. I was so excited, more than I thought I would be. I got butterflies :)
This has been such a long process over the years, moving to Sweden, learning Swedish, changing my name, getting a job, various permissions and meetings, my citizenship – next up my passport…and then everything is finally done :D :D 2 years ago

SonneIt's time!

I asked for my passport back, and they said they would notify me when they need it back to process my application.
I received a letter yesterday, I’ll be sending it tomorrow and then it is just crossing my fingers and waiting! ee! 2 years ago

SonneSeven months...

and I rang them up the other day to find out where the hell they are up to with it. They haven’t even started processing my citizenship… though I’m sure that ‘processing’ will not take very long at all. The website now says it could take up to 18 months sigh
I probably have made things worse for myself by asking for my passport back but going to Scotland for Christmas was toooo hard to resist. 2 years ago

SonneFive months...

... and waiting… 2 years ago



There seems to be more and more weighing and waiting on this decision every day… 2 years ago

Sonne~Drums fingers~

This is another tough goal that for the moment is completely out of my control, and it grates me. I know I should have got round to applying sooner … but now there is nothing I can do but wait..wait and wait. I could be waiting another year and that I can’t even think about. It has only been two months so far..
I hate that my entire future and any progress I can make towards that future hangs in someone elses hands…or rather ‘In-tray’. 2 years ago

SonneFingers Crossed

I have been able to get this for over a year or so now, and every month come payday I say to myself…I’ll get round to this… I’ll get round to this… and when I finally did have the money I took a trip home… of course forgetting they need my passport. But THIS month, this month, today, payday, this morning… I sat down and filled in the electronic application, printed the paperwork, gathered my documents and dates and let migrationsverket plunder my bank account and did it. I just have to sit tight now and hope they accept me :D 2 years ago

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