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icklepickleConfidence needed

I have learned how to drive a manual now :) The only thing I need to do is gain confidence in driving in busy traffic and will practice this when I come home for the Easter break. However, I am marking this goal as done! 2 months ago


I actually completed this quite some time ago, to be honest.
The day I felt I had truly mastered the art of driving a stick was when my brother was out of town and asked if I could take his car for a joy ride. He said yes and I only managed to stall it when I was backing out of parking spots! 2 years ago

benlovesmusicI have always...

...wanted to learn how to drive a manual transmission. My dream car is a 2003 BMW m3 SMS series and having it in manual would allow me to have more control over my whip. Also, i feel i’m just lazy with an automatic. 3 years ago

mandykrI should already know how

I really want a chevelle but only with a manual. my husband said i can have one (for us to redo together) but only if i learn to drive a manual first. 3 years ago

Brian AlexanderGetting rediculous...

I know the basics… but a lack of practice resulting from fear of crashing has kept me from mastering this. I actually find it quite embarrassing that I don’t drive manual, so I’ll try to get this goal done with before the end of the year. 3 years ago


I’ve technically already done this. But it’s been three years since I drove a manual anywhere, so I’ve forgotten it already. It’s time to relearn! 4 years ago

endlessaleydriving manual

so i bought a 6 speed car but cant drive manual… quite a pickle huh? i still have my automatic which im trying to sell but meanwhile i want to learn to drive my new car. already tried 3 times and ive managed to get it going without stalling. woo hoo! but its a slow process that i would love to speed up. 5 years ago


Well, I doubt many people(if any, really) will ever see this, so here I am, ranting to myself about how much I need to learn to drive my dad’s car. Now then, my dad says he wants me to drive him to church… tomorrow.


Well, I’ve driven the thing twice. That’s good practice. The second time it only stalled 5 or 6 times in less than a mile, as opposed to the 15 or more times on my first try. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck.

And there’s my permit in the related image box. I got it about 2 1/2 weeks ago.

...Better to learn sooner than later, I guess. 5 years ago

mumkatFirst lesson

today and i did ok, stalled it a couple of times and need to do some work on my clutch work but hey, one down. 6 years ago


i passed the test like last month but i haven’t driven since then…i will forget to drive and i will be crap when i get a car…oh well you better watch out then lol 6 years ago

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