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make love in a forest

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hi i daniel from pakistan my number is +923432496431 3 years ago


My lover is away for the rest of the year so this goal is near the top of my list of January activities… <3 3 years ago

LunacyBleedingin my garden....

... which was spontaneous & risque, even more so because it was with a girl…

but a related fantasy two fold goal done…

...but still not quite this one haha~! 3 years ago


again… in a forest in a tree house…

I won’t mark this done until I do this the way I imagined.. on a forest floor :) 3 years ago


haha I kinda want to write about this but it may be TMI heheh… 3 years ago

Jess. Dream.It is...

...romantic and sweet and intense. It can be so passionate and sensual being out in the open, and yet so secluded and alone.

My love and I have a special clearing, where the sky is open and above us and the sun shines down.

Amazing. 4 years ago


This is definitely on my list of things to do, especially at night with the stars out, a nice full moon also would be great! 5 years ago


Quite fun really. Except for the ticks, lol. But yes, fun. 5 years ago


I’ll bet I can accomplish some of these goals simultaneously. 6 years ago

newvisionWhat you do when you go backpacking, dayhike or picnic


I’ve done this on backpack trips, canoe trips, mountain hikes, day hikes. An incredible addition to the trip. Or even just go out in the woods specifically for that purpose.

I’ll never forget making love out in the forest in a tent during an extremely violent thunderstorm with lots of lightning!

:) 6 years ago

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