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Yisraela RuthYoutube

We set up the exercise area with a kick ass media center. There’s a large empty area in front of the television, which is hooked up to the computer. So, I’ve using lessons on Youtube. I’m enjoying it. 2 days ago

hhannahive been putting this off far too long

but have incorporated a few poses into my workouts as stretches. I will not remove from the list – just not expect myself to be a yogi anytime soon. Small steps to having some yoga in my life…yesterday downward dog and today well I don’t know names of the pose but picture is attached. 4 weeks ago

Sakiera423Hot Yoga

During hot yoga and now and I love it. Just need to be consistent with it. 4 weeks ago

ApacheTearYoga classes

Ive been doing yoga for about a month now. I have worked my way up to 4xs a week and will continue going at least 4xs a week indefinitely. They are gentle yoga classes at this point but its a good place to start and I still get sore after certain classes. 1 month ago

ApacheTear4Xs a week

Last week I did 3 yoga classes and this week I will do 4. I will continue with 4xs a week for a couple months with the gentle yoga classes. I have been sore after the classes but hopefully I will just keep getting stronger and stronger :-) 1 month ago


Ive done a couple yoga classes lately. I started last year but only did it for a month or two and it was really only once a week that I did go. So starting to work on this again and really implement yoga into my life. I would like to do some gentle yoga classes about 4xs a week. I think thats a good start. I am building up to that at this point. Ive done about 3 classes so far in the last 2 weeks. Im on my way :-) 1 month ago


http://www.yogajournal.com/ 2 months ago


So I’ve tried yoga…several times. It’s hard to be the new kid on the block. While the seasoned yoga-er next to me performs a perfect downward dog…I’m trying to keep my head up to see what the instructor is doing.

I need to find a class where no one understands all the nuances of breathing in pose yet…or check my competitive nature about being the best in the class while I take the time to learn the proper methods.

Namaste :) 2 months ago

AimeeNeed a goal

So I do practice yoga, but I need a goal to make me increase my practice. Twice a month is probably about right. So there it is: 24 times in 2014 (as I’ve already logged a few sessions!) 2 months ago

NtathuHow I Got Into Yoga

I first got into yoga when pregnant with my eldest daughter (who is now 22). My midwife recommended it to me, especially breathing exercises to help me with stress and lack of energy from working/travelling/being pregnant. It was great. I stopped it after she was born. Then after my brother and cousin died, a couple of years later, my bereavement counsellor recommended meditation as a way to help me sleep and calm my mind. Took me a while to get into the habit of meditation but has been a life-saver. Long story short, I trained to become a yoga teacher in 2003, resigned from my job as a probation officer in summer 2004 and became a full time self-employed yoga teacher. Its great teaching and practicing yoga. Happy to share what I know and do:) 3 months ago

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