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speak spanish fluently

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Maity101The time has come...

The time has come… to move to Spain. I’m a British citizen now, which means I have the right to live and work anywhere in Europe. My husband is fed up with his career and we would like a change. We are looking into moving to Spain. 1 month ago

mimic_wI'm make slow but gradual progress

I know a couple of Spanish sayings now, and what they translate to in English. Then my friend is still teaching me the occasional word, or two.

I should practice more with Duolingo, because it helps a lot. 2 months ago

dreamgirl300Rosetta Stone Spanish Software

Today, I started the Rosetta Stone Level 2 Spanish software. I really like Rosetta Stone because it works on listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary simultaneously. It uses only Spanish, creating an immersive experience. My goal is to complete 3 lessons a week and listen to the supplementary audio on off-days. Today I completed the Travel Lesson. Each lesson takes about 50 minutes combined.

It seems that my biggest weakness is actually responding to the conversation prompts and remembering my Spanish and grammar fast enough to generate a coherent response in Spanish. My pronunciation is fine, but actually holding a conversation is difficult. Any ideas on how to improve? 3 months ago

Golden 190Practiced on Duolingo

Need to practice daily. 3 months ago


Funny thing. I learned about the Memrise app from a personal financial bloger.

I’ve registered recently and able to use it for 10 minutes or so on my daily lunch break on work day. I am taking it easy by trying to maintain my existing vocabulary; because I notice that I’m slowly losing my vocabulary or the ability to react quickly in Spanish since I came home from my Central America trip.

Just like anything, if I don’t use it very often, I may lose it. This is a fun app. and it’s free.

They have other languages on there too but I’m staying with Spanish for the moment. Just don’t want to lose momentum. 4 months ago


I love watching movies Mexican and Spanish. There are not always translated into Polish. Besides, I want to visit Spain and meet people. 5 months ago


I’ve been using some online sites to help me with this, while school’s out. 10 months ago

mimic_wWorking towards it gradually

I found an entry of someone doing this with http://duolingo.com/ . I found it to be a great tutor. It even supports a microphone. (don’t have one, but I bet it helps)

So far finished two lessons. I want to be able to talk Spanish with my friend who is from Ecuador. He taught me a couple of words, it’s how it got my interest going. I highly recommend anyone doing this to try Duolingo. 11 months ago


Puedo hablar español, pero no puedo hablar rápido ni puedo encontrar la palabra que necesito cada tiempo. Necesito practicar mas, y estoy un poco triste que no he practicado mas cuando he vivido en Texas. ¿Hay muchas personas en Tennessee quien hablan español cada día? Yo no sé. Pero tengo esperanza que puedo practicar mi español después vamos a Nashville.

(I have a feeling my verb tenses are a bit broken there, but I’m okay with it for now, as a learner.) 12 months ago


Is there anybody who wants to practice Spanish? Unfortunately I ‘m kinda a beginner :( 13 months ago

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