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CornflakegirlJust a short course as introduction

This month I will enrol a web design course as an introduction. Let’s see if I like it. 2 years ago

PagipopoGetting started

I know I need to learn HTML. How important is it to learn CSS and XTML? 3 years ago

jwuHTML & CSS first, then PHP..& etc.

I’m a recent college graduate currently job hunting for a graphic design position. It’s frustrating since there isn’t anything out there because of the economy…so I’m learning web design. I’ve got a website design nailed down. On the other hand, I don’t know that much coding. A well designed website is nothing without functionality.

The graphic design industry is always changing..which is shifting more towards web. Coding is like learning a different language…but I think it’s worth it and more rewarding when you take the time for yourself to learn it. It just takes a lot of time and patience to comprehend.

I’m planning to keep going despite how much I loathe it right now haha. :) 3 years ago

Tomas MichaudWordpress

I’m learning more about wordpress now. I think this is the best direction. I’ve created a blog for Starland and and a online guitar teaching website using wordpress. There’s more to learn. 3 years ago


It’s frustrating, I’m a web designer that can’t code! 4 years ago

dofleinita2009it just feels...

creative, and puzzle-solving and fun and potentially profitable all at once. First the basics… 5 years ago

IraAnyone reading this knows about the equal-height, variable-content columns with different background colours problem in CSS?

I think I may have found two good, new solutions to it, but I don’t get the impression they’re well-known or much in use! 5 years ago

IraAfter taking a bit of a break from it out of frustration

I’m back at it – and it’s going well, I think. I’m testing some of the basics here, and have reserved a much-recommended book on graphic design from the library that I’ll pick up as soon as it’s available.

Web design is still enormously frustrating – I think the technologies are still in their infancy, and while when CSS works intuitively and makes sense, it’s beautifully elegant, when it doesn’t… I spent about two hours yesterday just trying to work past this problem, which seemed like it should have been doable, but just wasn’t – for no real obvious rhyme or reason.

But I’m still going to continue learning it and working with it because there are a few web projects that I dream of building at some point in the future – and because the graphic design skills I pick up will be very useful for other creative things I want to do. But I’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to get good at it.

So I’ve also started learning Python – which is more traditional programming that also has use in web applications I understand. I have a little experience with C++ from my early teenage years, so am getting through Dive Into Python pretty quickly. I aim to learn it quickly – I hear it’s a great language – and try out Django, a web framework for it. These things are for both personal creative interests and, if I can become competent at them, will help me a lot in finding good and decent-paying jobs.

I’ll start updating this goal more often with useful links on web design and web programming that I want to share – here’s a great way of comparing fonts at a glance:


:) 5 years ago

ameliachenOn my way!

I’ve been interested in web design ever since I was 12. Been using templates then… and web was totally different compared to now.

I created my portfolio site, http://ami.wookypooky.com/
Learned them by surfing the net endlessly, viewing codes and reading tutorials… there’s still very much to learn.
I hope to be able to master Joomla next and write my own templates. 5 years ago

Tomas MichaudUsing MS Expression

I have a DVD learning program. Just need to spend time with it. 5 years ago

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