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fugalerI love art

and I loved art classes in high school. The feel of the clay between my fingers and molding it to whatever I wanted. I’ve missed that artsy side of me, so it’s time to start up again..just need to sign up. (I’m sensing a theme here) 2 years ago


I took a ceramics class last year, and am actually starting a second in two weeks. It was AMAZING. I never thought I would be able to sit in front of a wheel with a mound of clay and make something, but I did. Lots of things, actually. 3 years ago

Shadow KlinkUntitled

Week 5 tomorrow! I’ve even gotten a couple of pieces glazed. I need to go in for two studios… maybe this weekend but prolly not. 3 years ago

Shadow KlinkI signed up...

My first class is tomorrow! It’s a 6 week course and I’ll be taking the intermediate class because I did some pottery back in high school. (6-7 years ago) I’m really looking forward to it. 4 years ago


I really want to take a ceramic’s class. Where is a good place? 6 years ago

alexalivegrand st.

theres a place for only $260 that i wanna take the class…. 6 years ago


specifically, take a ceramics class and use the opportunity to make a piggy bank in the shape of a clock. it should be hollow but strong, with a slot that accepts coins. i will fill it with my mounds of change and then one day, smash it open.

i am stealing this idea from atypk’s ‘time is money’. their version costs $75, but by making it myself in ceramics class i am cleverly reducing the price to $300+ 6 years ago

DotClay Bodies

I have seven more weeks in ceramics class. On Friday (suprisingly), we touch the wheel for the first time. I am drastically scared. However, I am not concerned about being an ultimate failure at pottery. I adore making coil pots. My pots that I’ve made this semester have become like children. They spring from the most bizarre inspirations and gather odd reactions.

I love the feeling of smacking down a good ten pounds of clay on a sturdy table. I love the feeling of muscle memory in the heels of my hands; knowing what to do, how to weave the substance, how to pull it into something substantially beautiful. 8 years ago

whimsykittymom and i

my mom and i own our own ceramics/pottery shop. it’s a very rewarding past time, hobby, occupation. i suggest it to anyone who wants a release. 8 years ago


I will only be on this list for a few more weeks—I’ve signed up for a ceramics class to take in the spring.

I’ll be up to my elbows in clay and have to exist like that for the rest of an academic day.

Somehow it makes me want to throw a paintbrush in my back pocket and wear my hair tossed high.

Pottery is romantic. I hope I’m not terrible. 8 years ago

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