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LaNouvelleHeloiseDouble workout

Ripped in 30 (Level 3) x 2
5lb weights in each hand

So proud of myself right now, drenched in sweat and amazed I can keep up with the workout when I consider that a couple of months ago, I hadn’t exercised regularly for years. 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseSaturday cardio

Kickbox: 30 minutes. Great! 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseFriday workout

Ripped in 30 – Level 3: Good! 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseRipped in 30 - Level 3

I really enjoyed my workout. Didn’t realize how much I’d been needing it – was feeling so irritable and down, and of course, I felt bloated and fat.

Took some time off – in part because of a sore foot but also because I got used to not having to exercise again but I’m back at it.

This time with slightly heavier weights. I felt the difference but it wasn’t too hard. We’ll see how I feel after working out for a few consecutive days. 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseCardio Kickbox

Got my cardio in, 25 intense minutes. I love this workout! 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseRipped in 30 : Level 3

Tough! But I enjoyed it. 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseKickbox + Ripped in 30 level 2

Last day on this level! Great way to start the day. 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseRipped in 30: level 2

Only 2 more days on this level! 10 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseRipped in 30: Level 2

Worked hard, those planks are tough. 10 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseKickbox cardio

A solid sweaty 25 min. I don’t know why I ever thought boring sessions on the treadmill/machines at the gym were the only way to work out effectively. 10 months ago

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