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Andy CiordiaNo bad hypnosis..

We speak to ourselves many moments throughout the day. Each of those moments you talk to yourself should be positive. Never underestimate your ability to become what you tell yourself.

Sheit in Sheit out.

Good in Good out! 8 years ago

Andy CiordiaIt's hard sometimes..

the world grabs you, spins you, maims you.. It’s hard to keep focused, keep positive, to keep afloat. We do what we can.. I need to find my Mark roots.. 8 years ago

Andy CiordiaUse more of Mark's Training

I was trained by Mark Cunningham and certified by the Society of Applied Hypnosis. The simplist way I can put all of the teaching is to pass your critical factor, insert good constructs, close it back up, and live. Rinse Repeat. It’s up to you and your ability to be creative with framing. Mark is NLP without the dogma.

We are what we believe. Sometimes it is hard to remember that. So I need this reminder to stay on track with what Mark taught.

-C9 9 years ago


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