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Attain Financial Independence

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kayunethello everybody!!!

I have got financial problems, I spend a lot of money. I need to change my life!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

Arbgirlbaby steps

My husband and I managed to get through the entire Christmas season without using our credit cards, and I’m so proud of us! We just budgeted and did our shopping wisely and had a great time!

Now, however, we’re having cash flow issues. I got a bit spooked about not knowing exactly how much money we’ve got when and I signed up for online banking. I’m really excited about how much information you can get and how quickly it’s available. I’m hoping to use the up to date statements to do some better budgeting and tracking. I think that will help me worry less about money. We’ll see! 8 years ago

ArbgirlWorry wort

I know I spend a lot of time worrying about money, and I wish I didn’t. But for now, I know that until I am free from debt (credit cards, student loans) and prepared to pay for most unexpected things that come along (broken appliances, medical bills) I will continue to worry! 8 years ago

cacoloradoWin the Lottery

This would be terrific! I’d love to never ever have to think about where money comes from again. I’d like for it to just be there whenever I need it so I can do what I want, when I want. 9 years ago


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