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Optionally_MineMysterious Vanishing ..

Paid ~ Rent £500.00 ~ Arrears £50.00 ~ New Balance £6.50.

I will be phoning my housing officer as my arrears are now so low .. for an update just to make sure because I know the rent has increased this month and they also consider you in arrears if you are not at least one month ahead which is where I want to be.

Paid ~ Housing Overpayment £50.00 ~ New Balance £376.09.

I have a new council tax bill for the year ahead but now its upgraded from debt to one of my monthly bills I no longer need to post it here.

And mysterious debt .. still mysterious. 3 hours ago

deweyrayNot only is this a great smallmouth technique

One of the most effective techniques for catching Smallmouth Bass is in the flowing water of a river or stream. Smallmouth can be fished for in much the same way that one fishes for trout. As a matter of fact, smallmouth bass in rivers and streams can be great practice for trout fishing. The bottom line is that if you strap on your waders and head out for some Smallmouth action, this technique is for you. Not only is this a great smallmouth technique, it’s also as simple as it gets. To use this technique, you’re only going to need 4 things, and a river or stream that has smallmouth bass in it! You’re going to need small barrel swivels, Split shot sinkers, gang hooks, and live worms. You should also have things like hemostats for hook removal, a bait bag for carrying your live worms, and a good attitude, but the 4 things above (in bold) are the only things you need. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. This technique truly is the essence of simplicity, and once mastered, is an incredible technique for all types of fish.Begin by grabbing the end of your line, and tying on a small barrel swivel. Now tie a set of gang hooks on the opposite side of the barrel swivel. Now add two or three split shots onto your line above the swivel itself (you need enough weight to get コロンビア 店舗 you to the bottom, so this varies by how much current you’re fishing in). Now, add a live worm to the set of gang hooks. コロンビア ブーツ If the worm is huge, break it in half. You want the worm to be outstretched and natural. This is the rig. It’s as simple as that.Now cast out parallel to yourself and let the offering flow downstream naturally. The goal is to bounce your offering off of the bottom, as it flows naturally downstream. When your offering is directly below you, the drift is over, reel in and repeat. With practice, the bottom and bites feel totally different. Remember, the goal is to bounce your worm off the bottom as it flows naturally with the current. In order to do this you will have to add and/or remove split shot as necessary. The nature of this technique does lead to getting snagged from time to time. As my mentor used to tell me all the time, ” If your not getting snagged, you’re not fishing in the right place.” Getting snagged is simply part of the technique, and no big deal once you see how effective it is.Give this wonderful, yet amazingly simple technique a try sooner rather than later. As soon as you hook and land a 3-pound smallmouth bass, you’ll be the one that’s hooked, rather than just the fish. This technique is equally as effective on trout, so keep that in mind as well. The most important aspect of this technique is the gang hooks. You see, gang hooks enable you to present the worm in a completely natural manner, which as you will find is an integral part of this technique.Article Directory: Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more コロンビア 通販 than 20 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his three year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country…..Montana! 6 hours ago

deweyrayCasting is a big part of bass fishing

If your concept of fishing is still stuck at simply tossing worm attached to a hook in the water and expecting results, you might be better off just saving your money from fishing trips and buying from your local market instead! Those days are over, if you are serious about bass fishing, you’ll need some solid bass fishing techniques. Simply because, bass fishing is more about techniques than luck! Fishing lures and tackles coupled with constant practices is the way to go. In this article we will talk about some bass fishing techniques that are essential to your success:Casting is a big part of bass fishing, more importantly, understanding how different methods of casting works can go a long way to your weekend fishing trips. The more skillful and more control you case your lure is imperative to the amount of bass count レッドウィング ブーツ you’ll get this weekend. Most of the time, bass fishes likes to lurk around areas that are difficult to access and have レッドウィング エンジニア plenty of cover, the more you can control your cast and avoid getting stuck in a difficult situation, the more likely you’re going to get them. No amount of bass fishing techniques will help you if your lures is stuck deep where you have to cut the line. Bass Fishing EquipmentAnother important bass fishing techniques is having absolute and delicate control over your fishing equipment, namely your pole and your boat. You’ll need to learn how to control your boat movement while having a pole in the water. For starters, do not opt for bigger engine and more powerful motor, simply because it can be overwhelming for beginners. Trolling is a big part of bass fishing, and if you fail to keep your boat and pole under control at the same time, you are most likely to fail! Being organized with all your essential equipments can also go a long way.Understanding Your Bass FishesIf every bait works the same, why do you think there are a huge variety of baits available in the market? Knowing what lures works the best for different type of fish will save you time, money and endless frustration when it comes to bass fishing. Understanding how fishes feed will be key to your success, many beginners do not understand why the use of crankbait in the morning and grubs later on. Presenting your fish with just the exact feed in the exact time of day and レッドウィング 激安 weather will almost always get your fishes hook on your line.Having said that, there are literally hundreds of bass fishing techniques one can find out there. Fishing pros will have plenty of things to say about techniques and tricks, but ultimately, you are the one fishing and practicing will let you find out which techniques are most suited for you!By: Sverre PhilipArticle Directory: to start turning your weekend bass fishing trips into a more meaningful and a more productive one? Learn the basic bass fishing techniques and find out what bass fishing guide can teach you that the pros won’t! 6 hours ago

deweyrayTaking part in any sort of physical action can be advantageous

Taking part in sporting contests can genuinely be beneficial for a person. For those who are too ウェア 服装 lethargic to trek to the gymnasium, there’s something worth trying out and that’s the game of paint ゴルフ激安 balling. This extreme game has been around for some time and just about any person is able to participate. All it requires is some safety-related gear and a paintball marker for the individual to go out into the playing zone.Countless people believe that taking part in this kind of sport is dangerous because the paintballs fly at extraordinary-speed, and a person might get injuried, however statistics show that this is more harmless than other physical sporting activities such as basketball and football.This physical activity burns up calories as the player has to sneak up on their opponent without being seen, then has to rush when moving back or going on the offense. It’s more helpful than running on a treadmill that countless people find tiresome since the surroundings doesn’t change.Paintball may well be played in a small field or in a large wooded area. With all the scurrying, perspiring will ensue which may possibly assist with weight decrease. Studies have indicated that a lot of physical exercise programs are not efficient after a period of time. By imparting paint balling to the exercise schedule, numerous kilograms could be gone over time. Running gets rid of more calories per minute than any other kind of cardiovascular exercising and keeping the body moving enhances the metabolic rate. Participating in paintball during weekends – ゴルフバッグ such as twice a month , can help a person to use up calories faster and that way, you will be able to devour almost anything without putting on too much weight.Paint balling is typically a group activity and nothing is better than winning a contest against an adversary. Physical exercise betters the mood as it liberates chemicals in the head called endorphin: eating chocolate has a comparable outcome. This contest called paintball assists you to rest better as it expels energy which takes time to regain.Taking part in any sort of physical action can be advantageous. It’s recognized to prevent some diseases such as high blood pressure, despair, heart disease and assorted types of cancer. Paint balling is one style of physical exercise that possibly will help avoid many of these high risk diseases besides being a gratifying sport to take part in.So what are you waiting for? Have some enjoyment participating in paintball and get in good health all at the same time!By: Barry KarefulArticle Directory: for more information on paintball in general, paintball news, paintball tips or hot deals on paint balling equipment and books? Just click the links provided to take your paintball game and your health to the next level. 6 hours ago

Golden 190Friday, 4/18/14

making great progress – hopefully cc card debt free no later than next year, if not sooner 20 hours ago


Doing really well with this. Got rid of all the loans, the credit card is the lowest it has been ever, am working towards being able to pay the bill monthly. Managed it this month, but won’t count this goal completed until I can do it for 6 months easily. Also need to pay down the interest free card, but not stressed about that. Mostly happy to just have paid zero interest this month for the first time in years! 1 week ago


Testing how this works 1 week ago

Kimberly AlyssaUntitled

Get rid of student loans 2 weeks ago


Card #1: 2871.67
Card #2: 8860.98

So far, just this year, I have been able to pay down $2486.63 towards the debt and the current estimated pay off for Card #1 is October of this year (as opposed to March of next year). We’ve received some extra money early this year that we’ve been able to productively use. Card #2 will still take an additional year+, but that’s okay. One card at a time. 4 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI think I put this back on because I am back in debt

Probably not too much

but enough

gotta get on it.

taxes. taxes. taxes.

yuc 4 weeks ago

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