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Kimberly AlyssaUntitled

Get rid of student loans 2 weeks ago


Card #1: 2871.67
Card #2: 8860.98

So far, just this year, I have been able to pay down $2486.63 towards the debt and the current estimated pay off for Card #1 is October of this year (as opposed to March of next year). We’ve received some extra money early this year that we’ve been able to productively use. Card #2 will still take an additional year+, but that’s okay. One card at a time. 4 weeks ago

gotourikaLeads are the fuel an MLM

Leads are the fuel an MLM network marketing business runs on. You cannot expect to be successful if you do not create, or borrow, a good MLM lead generation plan. Before the Internet, offline lead generation was the only real choice and it proved to be the cause of the end for many MLM businesses. Most people new to MLM and network marketing had no concept of lead generation as a science, or even an art. With the Internet, lead generation has actually gotten much easier; but simply due to ignorance on the part of most new MLM entrepreneurs and their recruiters, there is no matching growth in success rates. When approached properly, however, there are plenty of opportunities for forming quality leads and building a successful MLM business using the internet.In its simplest form, a lead is a person who you can present your opportunity or product to. As you can imagine, there are good leads and poor leads. Anyone you hand a brochure to or show your website to is, to some extent a lead. You cannot discount any contact because, as any experienced network marketer can tell you, there is no telling when a chance, or even off-the-wall, contact may turn into a loyal customer or a powerful member of your downline.However, in terms of effective use of time and resources, the hunt should be for good quality leads. These are people who have at least a passing interest in your particular product or MLM business opportunities in general.The importance of good quality UGG レディース leads cannot be stressed enough, but where do these leads come from, and should you try for customers or business partners?In an MLM network marketing business a person needs two types of leads in order to make a profit. They must first UGG アウト ドア スリッパ get leads on potential customers who are interested and wanting to buy the product. Second they must get leads on other people who are interested in being part of the MLM business itself. The leads for customers help to turn the initial profit while the leads for new business partners helps build the residual income that make MLM’s a great business. If a person fails to get both types of leads they will not be able to build the MLM business they desire.This does not mean, however, that it is wrong to concentrate on one type of lead from time to time. If, for example, I have a lot of product being sold to my customers, it may be time for me to concentrate on building my downline. In fact, the size of my income from personal sales could even be a recruiting tool when talking to potential business partners. On a slightly different note, in many MLM network marketing businesses, one of the best pools of potential downline members is found within your group of satisfied customers. Wherever we find them however, in this world of the Internet, we cannot ignore offline leads.Offline MLM leads are usually obtained in one of three ways.The first would be leads that are family, friends or people the person knows. These people are generally referred to as their “warm market”. These leads are usually the easiest to get, but closeness does not guarantee success. The second is by placing ads which result in interested people calling the business owner. These leads are also fairly hassle free, but the results can be somewhat disappointing. In the days before the “no call” list, the third method was by telemarketing calls. However, even if you can avoid the pitfalls of violating the regulations, telemarketing is difficult and can be costly. If a person does not have any experience they could end up getting few, if any, results from telemarketing attempts.Offline MLM lead generation takes a lot of work and produces less than desirable results, and is best done in combination with online MLM lead generation.Online MLM lead generation can happen in a variety of ways.One of the easiest is by capturing names and emails off the business website. This sort of site is often referred to as a “lead capture page”. By offering free information such as a newsletter, or a free service or sample, people can more likely be induced to give this information. You can also write articles relevant to your product, service, or field and submit them to various article directories. These articles can contain useful information that the target market needs or wants and includes the business owner’s contact information and website link. Leads generated online in this manner may be considered warm leads. UGG スニーカー The people already know something about the business and are interested. They are giving permission to be contacted. An added bonus with this is that you avoid the problem of spam when you have the individual’s permission to contact them. When done right, online MLM lead generation is not pushy and produces good quality leads, i.e. people who really are interested in the MLM business or product.Verizon wireless has billboards and instantly recognizable TV ads. These are seen by thousands, perhaps millions of their “leads” daily. For the average MLM network marketer, however, lead generation is the bread and butter of a successful MLM business. As stated previously, to be successful a person must build or borrow a good lead generating process. By using a combination of offline and online methods a person will get the best results. The goal is good qualified leads that will lead to a sale or a new MLM business partner.By: Donovan BaldwinArticle Directory: Baldwin is a Dallas area writer, network marketing professional, and University of West Florida alumnus. He is a member of Mensa and is retired from the U. S. Army after 21 years of service. He offers a free course on an MLM lead sponsoring system at free-mlm-leads.ws/generation.html . 4 weeks ago

gotourikaThe biggest part of search

The biggest part of search engine optimization is building links. The more links you have, the better you rank in Google, and that is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign. Since link building is so important, people are always looking for ways to build more links, and there are tons of methods out there that can work very well for anyone who takes advantage of them.The primary link building technique is that of article distribution. Submitting articles to directories is a great way to get links fast, and you can re-use the same article multiple times, meaning you can get dozens or hundreds of links from just one piece of work. If you have the time, you can also write unique articles for individual directories, as unique シューズ メンズ content is more valuable than duplicate content. There are special tools out there, such as Unique Article Wizard that allows you to spin articles and submit to thousands of directories at the same time. Investing in such a tool is invaluable, especially if you promote multiple websites.Link exchanges have long been used to build links, and they are very easy to do even the Link building Services uses these techniques. All you need to do is find someone with a website that is similar to yours, contact them, and ask if they would like to do a link exchange. This comprises of you linking to them and them linking to you; simple. If you do not want to spend a lot of time visiting individual websites, you can go to a forum like Digital Point and request and/or respond to link exchanges. This makes the process much faster, and ensures that you will have a higher success ratio than if you contacted sites outside of such a forum.Many blogs allow you to comment on them and attach your URL. While the majority of blogs are nofollow (which means the links you get on them have no SEO value), you can find lists of dofollow blogs to ウター メンズ comment on. When you leave a comment on a blog, your name turns in to a link to ポロシャツ your website. The most important thing to remember about blog commenting is to comment as if you were not trying to build links; your comments still must be valuable and contribute to the conversation.These are only a few of the many link-building techniques out there. Others include making Squidoo Lenses or HubPages, buy high PR links , or implementing link baiting strategies. Remember, it is important to use multiple links building methods, as just using one or two will not deliver stellar results. 4 weeks ago

gotourikaAre you fed up of commuting to

Are you fed up of commuting to work? Are you bored sitting in a dull office at your desk all day? Are you tired of not having the freedom and flexibility to do what you want and when you want UGG アウト ドア スリッパ to do it? It is easy to see why many people are considering working from home for themselves rather than slaving away for the benefit of others.Working from home has become a lot simpler over the past few years due to the growth of technology, the internet is an opportunity within itself and online marketing has become the best way to create wealth online. Online marketing campaigns can be set up and run from home (or anywhere else you might be that has a computer handy!)Most people are passionate about something or have a particular interest or hobby, play to you strengths and choose to market something that you know about. Working from home can be fun if it involves something that you can relate to and want to be involved in, the internet is the ideal market for products to be promoted and sold.If you advertise your products or services via internet marketing, you will not be confined or limited to a small market. The internet operates on a 24/7 basis meaning you can market to people any where in the world at any time of the day. Due to this fact alone you can also choose to work as and when it suits you – it is totally flexible.Once you have built up your online presence and credibility, you should continue to receive sales and repeat custom so your home business will virtually run itself. Using simple and effective systems will ensure that your websites are as effective as possible, creating you extra income as well as something more precious – time.If you are UGG キッズ ブーツ Baby working from home and being successful, you can then use the additional money and time you have earnt to do UGG スニーカー the things you enjoy. You will be free to spend more time with the family, go to the gym, out for morning coffee – or whatever else appeals to you! You can succeed even while enjoying the comforts of you own home.But before you embark on home working life, you must consider how you are going to make it work for you? If you do not already have any products or services to offer online, you need to invest in a company that provides excellent products with resale rights so that you have a starting point, choose a niche that you are confident with.Better still you should look to join a company that has many high demand niches and can offer you variety in terms of products for sale, and the marketing techniques used to sell them. Working from home is a luxury to those that get it right, but it is essential that you have the motivation to make it work and maintain your success in the future.Any opportunity that provides coaching, training and support has value, you are more likely to achieve your goals and be able to work from home fulltime if you know what you are doing. For those that are a little inexperienced having the support of others who can help to guide you, this will boost your confidence and your sales!Working from home does not mean working alone. 4 weeks ago

Beginnings HereI think I put this back on because I am back in debt

Probably not too much

but enough

gotta get on it.

taxes. taxes. taxes.

yuc 4 weeks ago

Optionally_MineSomewhere In The Distance ..

Paid ~ Rent £500 ~ Arrears £50.00 ~ New Balance £56.50.

Paid ~ Housing Overpayment £50.00 ~ New Balance £426.09.

Paid ~ Council Tax £98.00 ~ New Balance £0.00.

Mysterious Debt ..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAQXvgyIN1g 4 weeks ago

eve amedeusAlmost a year's gone by; how's my progress?

Update on what I still owe:
—Credit Union: $2120
—Capital One: $2185
—Chase Rewards HRC: $2791

New total: $7096, up from $6559. ARGH! I keep making reverse progress. I need to stop thinking that these credit cards are for fun times and when I wouldn’t other wise be able to cover the cost. If I can’t afford it, I’ve got to think of another way.

The Credit Union account, at least, has gone down. I’ve been paying around $100 per month into this account, and I lost the card that came with it in my room somewhere shortly after I opened the account, so at least I haven’t been using it like it was cash, like I have been the other two (kinda).

The Capital One account also went down… by less that $100 overall. I’ve been paying it down, too, but I’ve also been using it, obviously. That has got to stop. I’m so, so tired of worrying about whether I’ll be able to afford to pay the bills this month or the next. I need to think of the bigger picture; does anyone have any ideas on how I can remind myself not to spend money I don’t have?

The Chase Rewards HRC account is the one wherein I’ve backslid the most. It did have a balance of $1309, and now it’s ballooned to $2791. I’m sure it made sense at the time, but now I can’t even remember what I bought that cost almost $1500! I know it was probably a bunch of smaller purchases, but it’s depressing to see how much those add up in a year. The company did, however, lower my APR from 29.99% to 12.99%, which cuts it down by more than half.

Here’s the breakdown. I’m still dealing with (1) APR, (2) current balance, and (3) limit.

Credit Union
  • APR: 9.25%
  • CB: $2120
  • Limit: $3000
Capital One
  • APR: 13.90%
  • CB: $2185
  • Limit: $2500
Chase Rewards HRC
  • APR: 12.99%
  • CB: $2791
  • Limit: $3800

So I guess what I’ve been doing is paying about $100 per card per month, even though what I said I would do was pay just above the minimum amount on two cards and work on paying off the third completely. I can either (1) recommit to doing what I said I’d do last year, or (2) continue doing what I’m doing now except not charge any more credit so that my balance will actually go down overall. At this point, any forward progress is some progress.

I’m in the same place I was last year regarding my student loans: I still have a lot of debt, but I’m still in the “income-based repayment plan” and so my payments are still $0 per month. I really want to get this credit card thing under control so that I can tackle my loans before I turn fifty. (I’m almost 30… so, sadly, I’m only half joking about the “before I’m fifty” thing.) 4 weeks ago

RubyTooGoal.... get rid of truck debt.

Why am I paying 11% interest on this and only earning .5% interest on my CDs? I love my CDs, love the thought of having savings, but this is just stupid. The truck is currently at $3048. I have $2400 worth of CDs that is free. When the truck is paid down to $2400 I’m going to pay it off from the cds then send the truck payments to my savings account. Besides which, I want to be debt free enough to feel like I can walk away from my job if I want. My car loan is down to $16,100, at 1% interest, at least my payments are doing something. The horse trailer is down to $14K. I still flirt with the idea of trading it in for something with LQ. 1 month ago

jstefaniFirst step

I am going to use my $500 credit builder card to help pay off my warrant. I missed a court date and got a warrant for my arrest. I do not have any credit card debt (thankfully) But I need to find a way to take care of this before it gets worse. 1 month ago

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