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Optionally_MineSpooky Going On's ..

Looks like I can post on this just one more time .. maybe .. so ..

Paid ~ Rent £550.00 .. I will have to ask for a new statement soon and see how close I am to my aim of being one month in advance.

Paid ~ Housing Overpayment £50.00 ~ New Balance £176.09.

Mysterious Debt .. £414.00 .. Spooky how it suddenly turned up with the forthcoming closure .. I have had a conversation with them about setting up a payment plan but had to wait to see if any money had come out of this month’s salary first .. hopefully they can now cancel their direct to employer option and I will set up the payment plan tomorrow.

Maybe I will get to post again next month .. 4 months ago

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Beginnings HereI did this before in 2010 and I did it again this year.

I figured out how to get whole again this year. That is good.

More revenue needed for 2015 to sustain the newer greater overhead lifestyle in the new home. Not sure if this is really how I want to spend my money, but it can be viewed as a bank account as I gain equity quickly with a 15 year mortgage, with now, just about 14 years to go!

Higher earnings are coming, too. staying ahead of the curve is always crucial.

I can get there sustainably. That is the plan. 4 months ago

Optionally_MineAhem ..

Well wouldn’t you know .. that last mysterious debt .. turned up in the post today.

I am pretty p*ed .. after nearly a year of no communication from them I get a letter telling me they have instructed my employer to take 11% of my monthly salary and pay it straight to them ..

Bonus .. its £50.00 less than I thought at £414.00. 4 months ago


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More tide more type Google glasses announced an alliance with [url=]Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses[/url] ray-ban glasses
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Andrea group respectively have Oakley, Ray – Ban (ray-ban), Vogue Eyewear, Persol, Oliver performance, Alain Mikli, and Arnette famous glasses brand. However, the [url=]Cheap Ray Bans[/url] two sides did not disclose cooperate products listed the schedule, at the same time also only for [url=]Fake Ray Ban[/url]north American market for the first cooperation.
According to the Wall Street journal and the Los Angeles times reported that Google hope with the help of Andrea, let Google glasses more fashionable in style. Google X in the laboratory in charge of the research and development of Google glasses Astro Teller said the people of extreme resistance to put a computer on the face, it not only involves the science [url=]Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses[/url] and technology, it was also about fashion sense. Andrea designers and Google engineer cooperation, will make the glasses and Google integrated science and technology, not only Google device on the glasses. 4 months ago

Optionally_MineJuggling Out ..

This goal has the most frustrating amount of SPAM .. there are still entries I reported way back including porn ..

I am sincerely grateful for the help it gave me to document my personal frustrating journey of debts and the progress I have made along the way! 4 months ago

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