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funniculeeOh, this is definitely going to happen.

The house we are trying to buy is located VERY near the park where cross-country skiing happens. That’s going to be one of the first things I try this winter if the sale goes through. 7 months ago

funniculeeLast winter was not snowy.

Or not very.

This winter is shaping up to be a lot better! I’m going to investigate the cross country skiing this Sunday. The park association site has been hacked :( so I don’t know if they’re still offering instruction. But I’ll find out! 15 months ago


Just found out that there’s a park very near me that rents skis for $5 and provides FREE instruction on Sunday afternoons!!!!!!

So cool! I’m going to give it a try as soon as possible! If I like it, I might even invest in a pair of skis eventually. 4 years ago

gingeringaOne lesson

is NOT all it took. But I did it all day and it was perfect weather last Saturday.
It was fun, I think, but def more work-out oriented than adrenalin-oriented such as with skiing or snowboarding. I knew this going in, and if I lived in a snow-oriented state, this would be my winter exercise of choice.
But in NJ- the snow gets further and further away. thank you global warming for spring in January! 6 years ago


booked a room for two nights. tomorrow and saturday.

will take a lesson.

can’t wait!!!!!

ultimately end up here

but that is for another time- i will be in the catskills this weekend to learn… 6 years ago


I loved to ski when I was younger. Then I dated a snowboarder and dropped the skis. Then I broke my wrist and said ENOUGH w this strapping boards to my feet and pointing down hill. Now, I am thinkin’ cross country might be cool. But I despise being cold. And, no matter what kind of socks, how many socks, not too many socks, new ski boots, MY FEET WERE ALWAYS FREEZING COLD. But, I love to be outside, even in the crispiest of cold days, just for a peek- to really feel my breath enter my lungs and say, Boy, this life is great. 7 years ago

Big BD has promised to take me cross country skiing

some time in the next couple of weeks… We’ll see if I like it or not!! 7 years ago

randysableinteresting . . .

Yah, this one’s kinda interesting. First off, I’d say make sure that you wear many pairs of socks, as cross-country “shoes” do not offer anywhere near the kind of insulation that apline boots do.

When I learned, I was using rented equipment and in the end I could not feel my toes. I’ve done a lot of things outdoors, and skied downhill many a time, but this was the only time I was genuinely concerned I might lose some toes to frostbite. Fortunately, this did not happen.

All that aside, this definately is a great workout and if you have a forest preserve near you, it’s not a bad hobby to pick up during the winter. Personally, I’m going to pick this up again this winter for those times when I can’t convince friends to go hit the slopes.

Fortunately for me, I have all seven glorious lake-front miles of Lincoln Park at my disposal. =) 7 years ago


I down hill ski now but I just moved to a new town and there is a trail right outside the door it seems like it will be good exersize and I also found cheep skis to learn on. I hope it all goes well 7 years ago

Big BI think I would

like to just rent a pair of skis and gear and take a lesson to see if I even like this… Haven’t done it since high school… What if I hate it? Hmmm, this will require some additional investigation I believe… 7 years ago

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