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I went to IkkiCon today.. I actually had a pretty good time, even though I’m not so much into anime anymore. It was awesome to see everyone’s elaborate costumes, taking pictures with the ones I recognized, checking out the local artists. I only got to go for one day and not the whole weekend unfortunately, but I did get to go to a presentation about Christian imagery in anime and I saw the premiere of the English dub of Robotics;Notes and sat in a Q&A with the voice actors. I probably wouldn’t do it again, like I said I’m not a huge fan of anime, but it was a great experience all-in-all. 3 months ago

ChuwyMy tribute to anime

It should be fun 23 months ago


They’re just so much fun! Go with just one friend or a group of people and your sure to have a blast. Just make sure the person you bring along also likes anime, or it might not be so fun after all xD 3 years ago

ZoreaAnd now...

Just let me guess when it is the next one xD 3 years ago

TefferThis autumn!!

I’m going to Zenkaikon, an anime convention in Pennsylvania, this autumn. It’s in November, sometime on a weekend, usually. It’s usually a two-day span. I tried going last year, but it fell through, and blehh. It was a mess! But this year, I’m going to go FOR SURE!!! [: 4 years ago


I love making and wearing costumes, and anime conventions are perfect for those. So why have I never been to a convention? I don’t know! 4 years ago


I’ve never been. I really want to go… That would be the BEST DATE EVA! 4 years ago

S HOhayocon


My boyfriend and I will be going to this one: January 29-31, 2010 :D :D 4 years ago

Klebkatt21 years

That’s how old I would be in November of 2005 when I went to my first anime convention, MTAC (Middle Tenn Anime Convention).


My friend and I were screwing around New Years Eve and a friend in the VA world told her that he’d be at MTAC. We didn’t even know that we in Tenneessee had an anime convention. It was a cheep prereg and only a 4 hour drive! :D

Then that September, we went to AWA in Atlanta Georgia. I didn’t have as much fun there as I did at MTAC, but I think that’s because we progressed from a small con to a big con too quickly. 4 years ago


I would absolutely love to go to an anime convention!! I’d also love to cosplay but then again… first I need to find out where and when conventions are, then I need to figure out who I’m gonna cosplay (atm it would be either Abarai Renji or Urahara Kisuke.. oh maybe Kuchiki Rukia [all from Bleach]... you see what I mean? xDD). After that I’d need to get the costume done and ~ blah blah!!!

Rawr. Too much to do. =_= 4 years ago

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