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Austria is a really fine country! 20 months ago

William CoferAnd all the rest of the world too!

First class travel! 2 years ago

emmmjaySenior Year

Going on Senior Trip :D
Oh yeahhh Australia, yeahhh 2 years ago

opokui want to visit Austria

i want to visit Austria, how should i go about it and where do i start from.. 2 years ago

sue820Have been twice.

Spent a week in Kitzbuhel about 7 years ago. Tore up my ACL skiing on the second day. It was a nightmare where neither the doctor nor the 2 nurses in the very small clinic spoke English, and I spent the rest of the week in pain, on crutches, and having blood aspirated from my knee with a very long needle several times during the week. Surgery when I got back to the states. Had spent a week about 20 years ago in Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg(you must go to Hellbrun). I believe Austria has some of the most inspiring scenery and definitely would like to go back again, just not skiing. 6 years ago


loved Vienna to pieces.
had a blast and met great hostel buddies
defiantly would love to go back 6 years ago


The Skiing in Austria is awesome when i was there i entered a ski competition and i came third. 6 years ago


good place for skiing 6 years ago

This is an AdventureI love Vienna

Vienna is a beautiful city I was out with my sister in the market street and it was so much fun. The people are wonderful, the food is amazing and the shopping isnt cheap. Salzburg is my favorite place though. I would love to live there for some time… or Vienna… I can’t decide which was my favorite city.

(Picture- Italian Gardens, Salzburg) 6 years ago

Iassen AnadolievAustria Innsbruck

Yeah I really want to do this and it will become a true next week. Everything is set up and I will visit the Accelerated Party at Innsbruck with my favourite DJ Clodagh :) 7 years ago

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