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I just learned the very basic steps, I didn’t become a master at it – or even good at it. But it was fun. I attempted to do it for the fitness. While some moves I’ll stick to, other moves I don’t think really tones all that much. But still worth it. :) 4 months ago


This is my November “Learn something new every month” 5 months ago


Finished Beginner 1 at Belly Motions studio in Coral Gables. It’s a blast and I’m loving it. Makes me feel good. So now, I continue. 3 years ago


I’ve been to one class already and I ADORE it. Unfortunately the class was a little too advanced (these ladies had been doing it for years and years) but in January I’m signed up for a beginners class. Very, very excited! 3 years ago

samwebbFinally Took the Step!

I tried out a bellydancing class and had a great time, registered and paid for a Tuesday night class that starts the week after next! I was so nervous, but I has fun and felt awesome the next day. So here I go! 3 years ago

luvmy3pugsLove it!!

I took a class once many years ago and it was a blast!! Hard, but fun! I recently found a workout show on Fit TV that is called SHIMMY. They teach you belly dancing steps and the names of them from various styles of belly dance. At least it is a start, free, and you can practice moving in that way alone before doing it in a group!! 5 years ago


I am taking my first class tonight! Wish me luck. 6 years ago


i have the music and the clothes and the jewlry, i just need to practice. :) 6 years ago

felinisastarting out alone

well this isnt high on my priority list right now although i am trying to find fun ways to get my cardio in… there are some videos on a video share site called ‘guba’ but they dont seem to ever load… grr… i’ll keep trying though… eventually i would like to take some classes but they seem to be getting more and more xpensive 6 years ago

Shanti SosienskiLoking for bellydancing teachers

For some reason today when I was listening to a CD that had bellydancing-ish music I suddenly felt an urge to learn how to bellydance. Actually I would like ot learn how to dance in general…but ballydancing would be amazing. I don’t even know where to start, so this is something I have to look into. 6 years ago

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