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Blaine ByrumWhen trying to kick a bad habit.

The most important part is to HATE it. Talk about how bad it is for you. Like you would when you just ended a bad relationship and you’re trying to get over the person, even though you still miss them but you shouldn’t. You remind yourself how bad they were for you, how much they didn’t enhance who you were, how much damage they caused, you hang out with other people who don’t like them, you get all your friends to dislike them so that when you start to miss them, they refresh in your head how much better this decision is. It’s just like that. Build a hatred. 3 years ago


Get stuff out of room. Don’t be tempted. 4 years ago


i am proud to say that i am COMPLETELY over it. 5 years ago


i’m trying really hard to get over it. but the thought of them laughing at me in class infuriates me. i don’t get angry that easily to get angry from just people laughing at me… but these people were the same people who teased me when we were kids. especially her.

why are people like that?

whatever. i’m over it.
you know…
it should make me happy, instead…

because the biggest difference between the younger me and the present me is that i have friends who have my back, who love me and stand by me.

so… even if they dont like me… i have people who do, my friends, my family and only God can judge me. 5 years ago


... i am stopping it… 5 years ago


they will NOT get the best of me. i won’t let them, i can’t get so angry over this anymore…

i’m just not going to think about that stuff.
there is so much more to life…....................

and i’m willing to give him a chance now…. 5 years ago


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