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Buy our own Ruth G's book of poetry, and encourage others to do the same.

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wrenHooray! Hooray!

Ruth’s book arrived in the mail today! It’s such a lovely little volume, and I am enjoying the poems immensely! Ruth is a very talented woman. 5 years ago

JudithKDWell, I actually bought 2...

one for myself and the other for PioneerSpirit. I had missed her birthday, and I remembered this goal of hers, so I put 1 and 1 together and emailed Ruth.

Thank you Ruth!

jkd 6 years ago

pioneerspiritThank you Judith!

What a lovely birthday present! And thank you for the personal signed copy, Ruth.

I just got m y mail, and there was this wonderful gift!

Thank you so much!!!

xoxoxo 6 years ago

JeffI've done it; She is good; I'm mentioning that right here; I doubt there is anything else I can do to coerce 43Things users to buy it, except

I may somehow find out who you are and where you live: Do you want to have to worry about that?

Christian love and compassion?! Grrr… 7 years ago

JakeBIt arrived!

I mean to savour it so I don’t want to rush the reading and try and mix the experience into my 16 hour weekdays.

However, I did read the first poem – Yellow Doors – and it was wonderful.

It captured just how I am feeling at present. Extremely aware of my own mortality and viewing death as something in the far distance, yet wanting to be always prepared for that moment and to treat every day as a mindful experience.

Very much looking forward to reading the rest. 7 years ago


But from Amazon.com, not Amazon.co.uk because it costs a whopping £30+ at home!

I’m really looking forward to sitting in my comfy armchair with a fresh cup of coffee and reading all those fantastic poems. 7 years ago

umeI thought I'd done this...

when I got an e-mail from Amazon:

English: When we contacted our supplier we learned that the above item is
no longer available. This unavailable item has been cancelled from your
order and you have not been charged for it. We apologize for this

Has anyone else had this problem?

I was really looking forward to getting my copy :( 7 years ago

MonotremeEvocative language

A beautiful and evocative collection of poems, from a beautiful and wise soul who resides part-time on 43T. 7 years ago

AnnieDeeWonderful poems!

Ruth’s poems are just like she is – sweet and beautiful. Reading them feels like Ruth were holding my hand, guiding me, pointing out beauty, gently pulling me along until we find meaning. 7 years ago

PattyTrishWonderful little book of poetry, Ruth!

I bought two, from Amazon, and today mailed one off to a friend in Dublin Ireland with the note: “A lovely book of poems for a lovely friend.” I am enjoying reading the other…though it may become another Christmas gift when I am done.

Congrats on writing it and having it published. I know my friend in Ireland will love it!


PS It is a great size for easy (and thrifty) mailing to others…. 7 years ago

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