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grow a bonsai tree from seed

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I tried this about three monthes ago. I got the seeds to spout, and go till they were an inch tall, but then they died D: 2 years ago


By chance while cleaning I found some more juniper seeds I had put aside. After looking online it turns out that these are very difficult to start from the seed. They need several months of cold and even under optimal conditions very few will grow. I planted them anyways after cutting little notches into them.

I have a yuca cane in a large pot where I just toss random fruit seeds. Bell peppers grow by the dozen but nothing else seems to sprout. For a while now a small tree has been growing, about 6” high. I assumed it was a cherry tree. Cherry’s make very good beginner bonsai so I decided to transplant it only to find it growing out of a Lychee pit. A quick google search (maybe it was Bing, google is shit lately) told me these are rather difficult trees that are not fit for bonsai.

Oh well, I’ll just let it grow as a full sized tree stuck in a small pot, assuming it can do so considering it has 0% of its direct sunlight needs. 2 years ago


I had collected several dozen different tree seeds over a year. Notably, seeds from the junipers that had just been cut down after having stood infront of my parents house for 20 years. Junipers make good bonsai trees.

Unfortunately, after having been fine for a year, the whole container went moldy and I tossed out all the seeds. 2 years ago

pineapplejellyTake two!

I have been stratifying some of the remaining seeds in the fridge (not the right time of year, I know, but I got excited) and will be trying this again. They’ve been in there for 3 or 4 months now and I think it’s time to take them out and get them germinating. Hopefully the seeds aren’t too old : S 2 years ago

RachaelI don't know if I can say this is done

All my bonsai trees are at home in England, unattended (not in a bonsai way, anyway), so I may have to start all over again. I feel like this is something I’d enjoy once we’re more settled. Perhaps when we have a house. 2 years ago

Drew Gus Osmandnewbie here

hi i bought some austalian alpine wattle seeds in a kit guidlines are so confusing.
any help on startin would be great thanks 3 years ago


A bit of an update first – I got them out of the fridge over Easter and one had sprouted already – I was quite chuffed! Anyway I set them off germinating but none others have shot up.

Then the germinating tray I had them set in got covered up with stuff and I got snowed under with coursework and unfortunately I think they got dried out. The one that had germinated seems to have died and I have serious doubts that the others will grow now. I’m quite upset – such negligence is not like me, and I feel quite bad about it. : ( 4 years ago

JoaquinPlante semillas de pino

Planté semillas de pino negro y han germinado.
La mitad se han muerto pero todavĂ­a sobrevien bastantes. 5 years ago


I bought some bonsai seeds from an eBay shop almost by chance (I was browsing for umbrellas) before Christmas and I’ve started them “stratifying” in the fridge. That takes 2-4 months and then another few months for germination. But I’m a patient soul. The cacti weren’t the most speedy growers either. 5 years ago

sjonathanSeeds and sprouts

I have seeds for California Redwood, Umeshu Plum, Dwarf Orange, Dwarf Pomegranate, and Apple trees. So far, I have two small sprouts from the redwoods, sequoia sempervirens. 5 years ago

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