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ElizaBen2/12/2013 and 3/12/2013

I intend to keep up the running!
I want to go running as close to daily as I can get… so far so good. 4 months ago


I went running :)
It was hard to get myself out in the cold, but I got help from my partner. We went running together and he pushed me to keep running a bit further and further… until I had ran more than I ever did I think. It was nice. 5 months ago


I managed to finish my 5k program at the beginning of 2013, then I have a break and again starter running 5k in July. Now, I’m preparing for my first half-marathon:) 6 months ago


Have to finish this race in time! 7 months ago


Have to finish this race in time! 7 months ago

mulberryA few days ago

I was sitting at home, looking sadly out the window and hoping it would stop raining soon so I could go out to the park for a run. Then I decided, “IDGAF about the rain!”, put on a jacket, and went out anyway :)

New resolution: rain or shine, I’m not going to let the weather stop me from my goals! 9 months ago

mulberryI love Couch to 5K~!

It is the only thing that has ever made me continue running for longer than a week, and not hate it. It really makes me feel good every time I get through a day of the program. 10 months ago

incoherentI've been doing so well!

I got up to 2.75 miles but haven’t been able to achieve that again. However, I have been going at LEAST 4 times a week for the past few weeks, so that’s really good! I try to run at least 2 miles. I got up to 2.55 the day before yesterday, but yesterday I only ran 2.25. Still, I feel VERY worked and happy with it.

My body is exhausted, but I also feel better. I feel younger, more energized, less sore, it’s easier to get up and down with the little girl I nanny with, stairs are easier, and so on. I’ve lost about 2 inches on my waist (I have been focusing on my eating lately as well).

I dare say that I’ve completed this goal. Running is a habit again, and I am SO proud of myself! 12 months ago

incoherentmade it to 2.6 straight on Thursday

that means I am .4…POINT FOUR…away from my ultimate goal of 3 miles. omg! I can’t believe it.

The funny part is that happened after nearly a month of not running. I was sick, then started a new job, and my schedule got thrown off. This week I’ve been to the gym three times, but 2 of the days I did elliptical because I was scared to run. Then I was like, screw it, I’m just going to run a mile and call it a day.

Well I got to a mile and felt good. So I went to 2 miles. I was like, I’ve already gone this far, why not a little more? So I went to 2.6 (which was about 30 minutes…yes, I know it’s slow) and finally stopped. It felt GREAT! I was so happy!

Before, I did 3 miles in 30 minutes. So once I make it to 3 miles, I’ll work on being faster.

So if people out there are discouraged because they fell off the wagon for a while, just remember that once you have proven to yourself you can run a certain amount, it is easy to do it again, even if it’s been a while! 13 months ago

incoherent2 MILES STRAIGHT

I CANNOT BEGIN TO EXPRESS MY EXCITEMENT! I’m 2/3 of my way to my goal of 3 miles straight! I went 2 miles straight, I didn’t stop ONCE. yes! woo hoo! party!

I remember when I started running 2.5 years ago, before I got out of the habit, getting to two miles was HARD. After that it was easy. I am almost there! :D I am going to keep it at 2 miles until it gets easy/my time is reduced. 14 months ago

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