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tangerine_nowIt was nice

I don’t think I will do it again. 16 months ago

Elyse BergeronUntitled

I had my first manicure ever yesterday. I think i’m hooked. 2 years ago

WorldTraveller94I did it!

For the first time in my life, I got a manicure. Wow my hands are soft! Will definitely do it again! 2 years ago

WorldTraveller94I think...

I think I’m going to do this today. I’ve heard this is a ‘must’ for some guys in a girl, so I’ll give it a shot. What do I do though? Like what do I ask for? Anyone know? I want something pretty but not the fake finger nails. Just a clear coat with the white tips.

I don’t want to sound like I’ve never done this before to them, but I can’t help it if my mom never took me. 2 years ago

k35k87beautiful violet nails

it was enjoyable but my nails werent in a terrible condition in the first place
nice to try it, would like a french manicure next as it looks so classy 3 years ago


Just in time for my work’s Christmas party, my friend and I went for quick manicures after work yesterday. It’s not perfect; there are still a couple of rough edges I need to file, but overall it was good (and not very expensive), and the greenish-gold polish I picked is somewhat Christmasy. Yay for treating yourself! 3 years ago


the thing that finally motivated me to do this was going on a new date. I got my toes done too! It felt great, and I never would have gotten the same look if I had done it myself. 3 years ago


I’ve never had a manicure before. I hear it’s nice to be pampered. My nails are long enough, but my pockets are empty. 4 years ago

hctbMy first step to getting pretty hands!

if theres one things that im very insecure about…its my hands! I bite my nails and the skin around it…ew! i know…. so i need to stop biting my nails first for a bit and then get a manicure…regularly. im changing my life so i can look and feel healthier and these nails are definately going to be cute… soon! 5 years ago


I’ve been wanting to do this for three years and now I finally got it done two days ago! 5 years ago

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