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go swimming

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KiraStupid locker keys.

I finally went swimming today! I went all by myself and I swam up and down the pool many times. There were loads of people to the end of my session so there were loads of accidental touches which is the most awkward thing ever.
I really enjoyed it but I have been left with bruises from the locker key, gross dry hair and really bad ear aches!

Like really why would you make those keys so awkward. 2 weeks ago


this was a huge deal for me. hadn’t been swimming for 8 years, because I despise my body. I feel proud of myself for having done this, but I don’t know whether I will do this again soon, since it’s still really difficult for me :( 3 months ago

mimic_wThe weather screams it out

All I need is some swimming pants 9 months ago

mimic_wIt's been a while

Just want to splish splash around. 11 months ago

KiraA list of things I need for this:

  • Prescription goggles so I can see what I’m doing and so I won’t get headaches.
  • A swimming buddy.
  • A cheap/free way to get to the swimming pool.

Then I’ll go. 17 months ago

mcjack2012Go go

Gugu 18 months ago


What is this 18 months ago

KiraThe Olympics!

I’ve been really adverse towards the Olympics. Well I had been.
On Friday I watched the swimming and it was really interesting. Not only did it get me interested in the Olympics but it really made me want to go swimming myself! 20 months ago

Sarah Kay:)

It’s a small thing. I was only in for about a half hour before I realized I forgot sunblock. I usually just sit in the shade, oops. But I played with my kids and got a few minutes of exercise, so I feel good about it. Maybe I’ll go for twice next week when we’re on vacation. 21 months ago

Sarah Kayjust once, just today

I take my kids to the pool three times a week and go in about once a month. I went last week, so lets see if I can do it again. That’ll help some of my other goals too :) 21 months ago

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